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Liam Bates

Liam Bates
Excessively tall, incredibly passionate. Liam believes that everyone has a story and thousands want to hear it. Specialising in Social Media and Blogging, Liam's your go to guy
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Recent Posts

Liam Bates 07/01/2019

The full list of 25 apps HubSpot provides to generate more visitors, leads, and sales

 HubSpot. What a journey. You’re either reading this because you’re curious about HubSpot or you’ve already signed up. HubSpot is an EPIC tool but only if used to its full potential. HubSpot is very expensive, so we’re to help you get the most...

Liam Bates 07/01/2019

Why Lead Flows are the marketing quick win you’re missing out on

If anyone here has been on Neil Patel’s website, you’ll know you didn’t end up in the place you started. There’s a good chance you were lured in by one of his many engaging call outs and before you know it, you’re watching a 30-minute webinar on...

Liam Bates 07/01/2019
The results of email automation

Why Email Automation is a goldmine for your Marketing

When Garyvee started doing email marketing in 1997 for the family wine business, he was achieving 80% open rates and his results were off the charts. It’s likely that this seems almost foreign to you, because as many businesses know, email...

Liam Bates 28/11/2017
Sharesies logo board.jpeg

The Friendly Wolves of New Zealand Investment - The Sharesies story

When you hear of investing the majority of us just envisage Leonardo DiCaprio screaming his way around an office with a bunch of raucous ex-jocks swearing at potential clients down phones and raking in millions per day. In reality, investment is...

Liam Bates 28/11/2017

Capturing the Untouchable Market - The Niesh Story

 Last week I made the choice between topping up my HOP card or buying bread for my morning toast.

 That's a serious reality for almost all the students in tertiary education, and choices have to be made about your diet, your clothing, your...

Liam Bates 28/11/2017

Saving Birds in the palm of your hand - The Squawk Squad Story

When you think of conservation most people envisage bearded dudes in Swandri's and ruthless ladies rocking gumboots, trekking through the wilderness and living off beef jerky. The reality is this image has become outdated yet it hasn't stopped it...

Liam Bates 28/11/2017

Moulding the next generation of financial geniuses - The Banqer story

I have mixed memories of school, but one that clearly stands out is I really had no option to learn any financial literacy or skills unless I purposefully chose it as an elective in my senior high school years. And being an energetic, restless...

Liam Bates 18/09/2017

What Is Expert SEO New Zealand?

Expert SEO New Zealand is search engine optimization which helps New Zealand entrepreneurs to rank highly for their preferred keywords. It's all about getting better results in search engines. As you may already realize, it's very hard to succeed...

Liam Bates 30/08/2017

How to Access Affordable SEO Services New Zealand

Affordable SEO services New Zealand are out there. When you learn what to look for, you'll have a better chance of finding them! Today, we'd like to share information which will assist you with effective comparison-shopping for the right SEO...

Liam Bates 24/08/2017

Are You Interested in Trying Email Templates?

New Zealand email templates are out there and finding the best won't be too difficult! However, you should always take care of find the best provider company. Today, we're going to share information about email templates New Zealand and also give...