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Google, Microsoft, HubSpot and other billion dollar companies partner with us because they know we deliver some of the best results in the world.  We help small businesses like you book yourself solid, sell all your stock, generate a large amount of leads and be found by the very customers who want what you sell.

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Davis Funerals SEO Case Study


We helped Davis Funerals improve the number of clicks a day that Davis Funerals received from Google from 150 visitors a month to 960. We also increased the visibility of Davis Funerals online from 8,190 impressions a day to 18,750. That's a 540% increase in 30 days. Learn more.

Hatch Lead Generation Case Study


We helped Hatch Web Design & Development create a system to generate new marketing qualified leads for $20. We also implemented a fully-fledged funnel to provide massive value to their visitors, and convert a huge amount of visitors into leads, and then leads into sales. Learn more.



We're a boutique marketing and SEO agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. This means we're small on purpose so we can deliver the most hands-on, value-driven SEO management results New Zealand has ever seen.

We also love meeting our clients, delivering better results than everyone else, providing small and custom solutions to small businesses and ultimately helping you achieve your business goals.

We've had a ton of new clients come from other agencies, and we're expecting a few more. While other agencies have their merits, we find that for those that fit with our values, we can really deliver something amazing.

So whether your after a sustainable increase in leads or a complete marketing overhaul, get in touch! We'll have a no-strings-attached meeting to discuss where you are, where you want to be and hand over a plan to get you there.

Inbound Marketin Agency

The team, Ben and Steven.

INBOUND - SEO Services Auckland, NZ



Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the first stop for all of our clients. If you're not appearing when your customers are searching for you, you've got a problem. We help you rank for your own keywords, as well as industry keywords so you can start acquiring a steady flow on inbound leads. Click here to learn more.


Inbound Marketing

Now you're ranking through SEO, we need to ensure that those visitors are turning into leads and customers. That's what inbound marketing is all about, nurturing visitors and turning them not only into your strongest customers, but customers that spread the word and refer new business. Click here to learn more.


Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO is a more focused approach. If you have a limited budget, or just want a quick win under the belt, local SEO is a great starting place. It's all about building trust and reputation, so we leverage business listing sites who already have a strong presence and build links that point directly to your site. This means you rank higher AND you'll receive customers through an increase of awareness. Click here to learn more.



Oooooh baby. If you're reading this, then you are ready for the big guns. HubSpot is the world leading software for inbound marketing which helps bring everything under one roof. This centralisation helps you dig deeper on analytics, and radically boost your performance across the board. If you're a business that is earning over $1 million, then get in touch. HubSpot will massively boost your business and we can instantly save you over $2,000 by signing up through us. Click here to learn more.



"Knowledgeable and very approachable, Steven worked to empower our staff to better understand the mechanics behind Google search engine optimization (SEO), the relationship between website design and customer engagement, and search engine ranking improvement; allowing us to make informed advertising and marketing decisions and ultimately increase our customer base. Thanks Steven!"

Callum Wallach | CEO of the Wreck Room


“Fantastic assistance. Has really helped me optimise my website. Although I know very little about SEO he understood what I wanted to do and just went ahead and got things going. Would highly recommend.”

Stuart Blake | Small Business Owner and Traffic Lawyer






The big question we get asked, is what do we actually do? Fair question! Our initial goal is to figure out what it is you actually need. We have a ton of companies come to us that don't actually need search engine optimisation, email marketing or marketing in general. All they need is a better sales process for example. So the first step we take is auditing your company and figuring out your goals. Once we know where you want to go, we can then establish a plan to take you there.

The process of marketing and growing any one of our clients usually starts with search optimisation and local search optimisation. The reason we start here is because we want you to be seen on Google. In New Zealand, over 95% of our population use Google as their go to search engine. Bing is hardly ever used so we don't focus much on that. Over 80% of consumers Google their decision before making a purchasing decision. I guess that's why you're on our site right now! So we want to make sure that your business comes up first to the customers who are searching for the product and service you provide.

Once we have you ranking for the key terms people might search like 'X review 'X price' 'X comparison' we can move on to conversion optimisation. Once you're ranking, you have a steady influx of leads at your door, now we need to make sure they turn into customers. This is where our other services come into play like email marketing, content writing, inbound marketing, and HubSpot. We want to use as many channels to not only acquire visitors to the site, but to ensure they turn into customers. 

Our end goal? You can fall asleep at night knowing that you're going to wake up to a consistent stream of leads in the morning. No more stressing about new business. No need for a enormous Adwords budget. But a inflow of leads that you can convert into a growing stream of customers. Sound like what you're after and a dream come true? Click here to get in touch and see if we're a good fit for each other. Talk to you soon.