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Helping a community-favourite local gym, 4x their new leads

Liam Bates - 04/04/2019


Growth is specific to the industry you’re talking about. For a gym, this means phone numbers to call, and feet in the door. To cut it short, in 3 months, we delivered 161 new leads, with a personalised Marketing Stack.

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When Health and Sports Fitness Club Kingsland approached us, they were in a situation all too common among small to medium businesses in New Zealand. They were locked into a one-sided contract with a company that was providing them lackluster service, with no visibility. What’s more, what they were being delivered was nothing close to what they actually needed or wanted.


After getting to know the team, the business and its history, we identified that Health and Sports biggest need at the current time was an effective, converting and engaging website, where it could host the multitude of offers it’s club provides. What’s more, it needed Lead Magnets and effective advertising that drew in prospects and helped them through clear, accurate and user-friendly conversion pathways.


Health and Sports had a very unique offer, a 3-day trial, unlike most gyms which only offered a single session. This was in part due to their extensive range of offers, which included a gym, group fitness, sauna, pool, kids creche, cafe and more. To cater for the variety of audiences interested in the different offers, we utilised Pop-up forms through Hubspot, to create targeted, custom messages on the websites individual pages for each offer.




Creating an engaging pop-up form, specific to the pages being viewed, proved to be incredibly effective. Our generic form that sat on the homepage generated 161 new free trials in just over 3 months and combined they generated 200+ new leads. Our Pool Lead Flow had a 2.47% conversion rate alone, which was also one of the highest volumes of organic traffic.


So our on-page conversion pathways were working, and we were delivering a heavy stream of leads. To take it to the next level, we decided to work on redesigning their advertising to deliver higher quality, more consistent leads. Rather than focusing on vanity metrics such as Click-Through Rates, we looked at redesigning the semantic keyword targeting for Adwords, and targeting more localised searches to engage prospects more likely to convert.


With a small budget, we over doubled our conversion rate to 8.06%. This was a massive achievement, seeing not only their presence grow in a crowded Auckland gym scene, but their digital presence heavily outperform competitors and resonate with their community.


Health and Sports have seen a complete resurgence in club growth. Leads are at such a high, we have been working to reduce the number and focus even more on niche conversions. We are already looking at other elements of the marketing stack to incorporate to improve even further on the work in place.


It’s safe to say this is a Fitness Club here to stay for many more years in Auckland.


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