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Liam Bates 23/04/2019
Ecotricity Background Image

Smashing a 12.9x ROI for one of New Zealand's most revolutionary Power Companies

 Think for a second, if I had to break into the most heavily dominated market in the country and make a ruckus, how would I do it? Ecotricity was attempting exactly this. Poised as New Zealand’s first carboNZero electricity provider, breaking...

Liam Bates 04/04/2019
Case Study Image

Helping a community-favourite local gym, 4x their new leads


Growth is specific to the industry you’re talking about. For a gym, this means phone numbers to call, and feet in the door. To cut it short, in 3 months, we delivered 161 new leads, with a personalised Marketing Stack.

Luke Chong 04/04/2019

Achieving an 8.8x ROI for one of NZ's pioneering Vaping Brands

How do you achieve an 8.8x ROI, for a brand and product, still shrouded in the 'grey area' of legitimacy? You get creative, you double down on what works, and you challenge the status quo. We did all this, and for NZVAPOR, it paid off.