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How It Works: The Details!

Heads down, Thumbs Up

Week 1 is all about context: we'll be coming in to run a series of workshops to better understand your business, your culture and your customers.

We'll start with a Growth Strategy and Content Ideation Workshop; a process all about uncovering how the business is currently operating and where your growth potential is hiding.

Throughout the week we'll be drafting out a plan storyline and coming up with the narrative for your videos. By the end of the week, we'll have our plan ready and we'll be set to shoot in Week 2!

Lights, Camera, Action.

We've got some videos to create! The first asset we'll focus on is the big seller, the BoFu. We'll likely be needing your team members this week, so keep your calendars light.

Day 1: Filming our BoFu piece.

Day 2: Filming our MoFu pieces.

Day 3: Filming our ToFu pieces.

By the end of week 2, we'll be ready to launch our BoFu video campaign to the landing page, with your unique offer. Weeks 3 & 4, we'll introduce the MoFu and ToFu.

Glitz, Glam, and Traction.

This week we'll be working hard at editing and adding glitter to the MoFu and ToFu pieces! We'll also be working on building the framework for these videos to sit in, and the software and structure that will tie them together into a cohesive inbound marketing campaign.

This week will also include a lot of optimisations to the BoFu ads and assets, along with launching the MoFu stage, pointing at a new landing page with an 'engagement' offer for people to convert on. This could be a demo, webinar, comparison guide, calculator, tool etc.

A Fully Fledged Story Funnel

This is our big week as we'll be analysing and optimising both the MoFu and BoFu ads and assets, while building out the final ToFu assets. By the end of this week, we'll have launched our final round of ads and assets for the ToFu campaign, and have an entire Inbound Marketing driven Story Funnel running for you!

We'll come together again at the end of the week, now that everything is up and running, to do some final pieces of work such as hand-off, assigning roles in your team for follow up and talking about the future and where to next!

"The results we've seen so far have outweighed my expectations. To be honest, I had my doubts, especially around the speed of delivery and leads, but even with just a BoFu piece, we're seeing great results: a dozen or so high-ticket, large automotive brands that are willing to speak with us!"

Andrew Baker


If you're a fit for us and you're accepted, the price for this StoryFunnel starts at $65,000 and will scale up depending on the size of your goals 😉 Please allow a budget for Ad Spend on top of this!

Here's why working with us is a surefire win:

We've been doing this for years, and it's working. You're not only getting the technical expertise, you're getting the brains that make it win. We love what we do, and we love being good at it too!

  • We focus on sustainable growth. No smoke screens.
  • We're agile and adaptable. We only steer for wins.
  • You're getting world-class video AND marketing