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Here at Inbound, we believe walking our walk and talking our talk. That's the exact reason why we also have a few more businesses on the side. These side businesses help us test out marketing strategies, apply the latest research and ultimately see what's working and what's not. 

It's like hiring a financial advisor. You wouldn't trust a financial advisor who themselves have no money, so why should you hire a marketer who can't launch a successful marketing campaign? The answer is, you shouldn't, and that's where we come in.





We created Snap My Wedding when Snapchat launched its new ability which allows people to create custom Snapchat filters for themselves. This could take many forms, like a wedding, a party, a baby shower, anything you could think of! So we decided it would be awesome to launch a company that designs custom Snapchat geofilters for a certain niche - weddings.

Now since Snapchat has only released this feature in a few countries (Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Canada), we can't just focus on targeting our domestic neighbours, we have to launch this internationally - talk about a marketing and business challenge!

But we did it! We're averaging 5,000 visitors a month, and about to hit a 2% conversion rate on the site. 


The main offer we do are custom Snapchat filters for $97. We also offer template Snapchat filter designsstarting at $35 so any wedding size and budget can gain access to this awesome feature. 



What We Did.

Our work was divided into two main phases. And another one for good measure.

Phase 1:

The first was Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and conversion optimsation.

We started by building a clean site with a focus on ranking for terms like 'Snapchat filters for weddings' and 'how to create a Snapchat filter'. 

We also did a few guest blog posts which you can see below:



Phase 2: 



The next phase was to develop a funnel to turn this increase in traffic into paying customers.   

We created a few offers, including a 15% discount. We added a store to the page to give users the ability to instantly purchase their Snapchat geofilters.

Finally, we did a bit push into Adwords and Facebook advertising to see if we could push more Snapchat lovers who were about to get married into taking a look and turning into a customer.



Phase 3:

It's social media time. We really pushed social media, especially hashtags for 'weddings' on InstagramFacebook, Snapchat and YouTube. As you can see here is a quick video explaining what this is all about and essentially again attempting to drive more traffic to buy a Snapchat filter!