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Sustainable Business Network


A campaign that helped SBN as well as the amazing companies below

The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) is an organisation that provides advice and support to help businesses succeed through becoming more sustainable. More than 300 members are part of this network, all dedicated to a healthier and happier New Zealand!

As a new member of this network, we wanted to jump in and help out with an upcoming campaign. 



“The team at Inbound have been very active members of our network since joining and have been proactive at offering help to both us and our members through a genuine desire to help sustainable businesses get greater profile and recognition. They have carried out work for us pro bono to help progress our project work and have a wide range of skills in marketing and SEO, and a particular interest in sustainability. They have ooodles of enthusiasm, ideas and motivation to help your business!”

Fiona Stephenson, National Communications Manager

Sustainable Business Network (SBN)



The Campaign - Bike 2050

Bike 2050 is a joint collaboration between the Sustainable Business Network, AECOM, Fulton Hogan and the NZ Transport Agency. Bike 2050 aims to make the transition to sustainable modes of transport as easy as possible for business. Business has a critical role to play in a number of areas including: advice, design, active tourism, supporting and improving cycling infrastructure, and making it easy for staff to use active modes of travel.


February is one of the most important months for Bike 2050’s campaign as it’s ‘Get Active Month’. Get Active month is all about cycling events and competitions: encouraging participation and highlighting the benefits of an active and sustainable lifestyle through better transport.

Since this month was the pinnacle of public attention, there needed to be plenty of attention directed towards the campaign.

We jumped on board with SBN, encouraging the need for purposeful content to be released to encourage greater participation. We were working within a limited time frame, so we had to act quick. We created two separate content pieces: the first was a members post to remind SBN members to get involved and share in their own circles, the other as a PR post to reach the general public and boost awareness. We also sent this second piece out to all interested parties to share: cycling clubs, organisations and businesses such as Torpedo 7.

The Results

In the short one month we worked on the campaign, the end result was a massive spike in the amount of participation during the Get Active month. Hundreds of organisations and thousands of people were involved in the numerous challenges and activities throughout the month - 941 new riders joined the ranks and 743,259 km of cycling was tracked and scored!

All in all we managed to help the Auckland Bike Challenge achieve:

  • 3,177 PEOPLE
  • 941 NEW RIDERS
  • 763,333 KM
  • 44,525 RIDES

And people are still joining and adding to those stats today!

Our Goals Moving Forward

We worked within our one month window to generate as much awareness as possible, and we we’re really happy with the results.

Moving forward, we educated SBN on the tactics we’ll use in future campaigns to generate greater results:

  • Active tracking through multiple content pieces and web pages to see which performed better than the others and acting accordingly: tailoring content and targeting towards those areas with greater focus.
  • Keyword research for which terms are most frequently searched for online. More content that is relevant = more people involved in campaign.
  • Content creation - more content pieces to attract interest towards the campaign.
  • Social publishing - being active in the right groups to encourage action and participation.
  • Email marketing - email campaigns to related parties to foster greater interest.

Next Year

Now that we’re part of the SBN bandwagon, we’ll be jumping in early this year to make sure Bike 2050’s Get Active month for 2017 is huge! We'll be using the tactics mentioned above to drive much more engagement: it's going to be awesome to compare the results.