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These results are documented till August 10th, 2017. That means they're recent: not just something we achieved a couple years ago. 

Rest assured that our techniques we employ work today.  Have a read below for a bunch of unique industry results.



12-months working with a $5M+ Branding Agency


58 increase in traffic.png


Creating an added influx in users over the span of the year, we were able to increase lead count and subsequently the number of enquiries that the business received online. A quick glimpse of the the dashboard shows an average increase in page views as well - which leads to increased visibility in content as well.




12-months working with an Electricity Company

Electricity companies are a highly competitive space, making lead generation of utmost importance. With our efforts, our client was able to make a significant increase in visitors




The substantially increased traffic was able to provide a much needed wiggle room to bring in customers for our client. Ultimately, our efforts were able to proportionally increase customer growth. Here is a look at our dashboard :




The key metric to note here would be that despite increasing the traffic to the website - drop offs were not incurred as is indicated by the consistent page/session percentage (infact it got better). 

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Launching a New Client Website

We employ the right tools to get you visibility right from the start. With this client we were able to test our immediate visibility strategies, and we're happy to tell you that they work!


New Client.png


This strategy worked out really well, and has since been reproducable. We noted a higher traction as indicated by the average 8 pages per session metric. This goes to show that users didn't just make a quick trip, but also stayed to explore the website, which is really important when you have just launched.

Here is a more detailed view of our results:




If you are planning to launch a product, or have already done so; it's imminent that you get this audit.



Increased Visibility for the Branding Agency

Ranking 1.png



Just saying. 




 The above graph shows ranking changes over the timeframe. 



Increased Visibility for the Snapchat Startup

Ranking 2.png



For a month, these results speak for themselves.




Increased Visibility for a Law Firm

Ranking 3.png



Law firms, like in Suits. Yes, they need SEO too.  




 Let's just say Harvey Specter was impressed. 


Also, here is a neat little trick.

Just by creating a Google My Business page (which you can do right now) and optimising it correctly, you can get hundreds of new people seeing your business for the first time (and seeing the amazing results you produce)


Last month, 816 people saw our clients 4.8 stars on Google. Now that's some awesome additional awareness and reputuation building.