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Goal: To help Recalibrated establish themselves as a market leader in osteopathic care and gain traction through a front page ranking in Google.

Yash gave us a call a few months ago and we totally hit it off. We love working for clients who believe in what they do and actually provide an amazing service and Recalibrated offers just that.

Our goal was to help Recalibrated establish themselves in the ever growing market of osteopaths and help them break through onto the front page spot on Google.

We were competing with businesses that had been in the osteopath industry for 10+ years but we were determined to show Yash what we are made of!

And we did it! Currently 7th on the first page of Google for terms like 'Osteopaths Auckland' we know Recalibrated are going to experience a solid amount of leads. 

And if you ever need some osteopathic care, let us know. I'm sure we could get you a free 15-minute consultation!