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Our Goal: To help Maaike quickly gain more awareness and build a community from their local market to set them up for international success.

Our goal with Maaike was to optimize their local SEO presence before they skyrocketed internationally. We went for a local SEO optimisation because it's the easiest way to establish trust in Google's eyes, or as Maaike would say... 'peepers'.

With two main domains, MaaikeClothing and MaaikeandCo we had a fun time deciding on how to build their trust in order to grow their presence online as fast as possible. We then went out and started building their presence!

First we went out and made all the tweaks to their website that we could find ensuring the highest click through rate and the optimal ranking. Each small change really does add up over the coming months and years.

Then we went out and started to bring together all their online assets. This means getting others to link to them who are talking about them, cross linking all their social media accounts and their two websites.

One big lesson we learnt was a click-through page had a massive negative impact on conversion rates - we saw an instant 50% drop-off from traffic who lost interest because of this! Removing this instantly improved the click through rate onto subsequent pages by 30%.

Ultimately these two founders are awesome and have been one of my favourite clients to work with! They're definitely going places so we recommend scooping up as many clothes as possible, wearing them now and then preserving them like art!