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Are You A Small Business Looking To Boost Your Search Rankings And Receive More Customers In A Local Area?

You've found the perfect solution.

Local SEO Results in Auckland

Local SEO Helps Your Business Be More Visible On Google Without The Stupidly High Fees.

You want the phone to ring but for this to happen you need to be visible on local search results! We make it so when your customers search for your product around your area, you’ll be the first to come up.

Why SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

  • 92% of New Zealanders use Google¹
  • 85% of users compare pricing online²
  • 94% of users look for products and information online²

Source:  ¹MYOB New Zealand, World Internet Project 2013, ² Comscore Media Metrix 2013

This means if you're appearing on Google and ranking well, you're going to putting your business in front of a huge amount of customers who are ready to buy... from you.

Why Local SEO?

Straight To The Top

Citations and Google+ allows you to get your local listing straight to the front page of Google.

We found that if you have around 15 more citations than your competitor, you’re going to rank higher and the average number of citations businesses in New Zealand have is only 6!

Website Manager
Business Growing with SEO

Attract Customers Who Are More Likely To Buy

There is no point being on the front page of Google if the people seeing your website can’t actually come to your store and buy. Local SEO ensures that the people who see your business are the people who are going to buy your stuff.

Helps Your SEO

Local SEO also helps boost your overall search engine optimisation by adding new, highly trusted backlinks making local SEO a win-win to your website and your business.

Increase in SERPS

How We Build Your Local SEO


Our process is simple and since we have such a wide range of experience we know what really matters. We’re also happy to explain it without hiding behind terms like ‘Trust Funnels’ and ‘Domain Authority’.


Step 1 - Questionnaires

We want to fully understand your business before we make any moves. The second you sign up, you’re part of the family and we’re here to immerse ourselves in your business so we can live and breathe what you do.


Step 2 - Check For Existing Citations

Next we figure out what specific phrases your ideal customers are searching on Google. We also set up reporting so you can track the progress yourself and see in real time as we make results from our work.


Step 3 - Link Audit

If you have a few dirty links that Google frowns upon then you’ll end up being punished for them and these links can appear out of your control from other people trying to make you rank lower. We’ll help you remove these bad links so your website looks like brand new!


Step 4 - Google Places

We’ll review your Google Places listing, fix any problems and ensure it is optimised and ready! If you don’t have one yet don’t worry, we’ll take care of that for you.


Step 5 - Citation Audit and Cleanup

We’ll find all of your correct, incorrect and duplicate citations on the most important sites. From there we will remove the duplicates, fix any inconsistencies with your name, address and phone number and optimise your existing listings with as much information as possible!


Step 6 - Citation Building

After we have gone through your existing citations, we’ll analyse your competitors citations and identify new citation opportunities for your industry in your city that you must be listed on. Then, of course, we’ll get you listed!


Step 7 - Reviews

We will help you get reviews from your customers. All you need to do is sit back, relax and keep doing an amazing job and we’ll figure out the best way to collect reviews and improve your results!


Step 8 - Ongoing Strategy

You’ve made it! We’ll tell you a few steps that you need to take on an ongoing basis to keep your rankings improving. By this point you don’t need much more ‘SEO’. We’ve done the hard work by building the car, filling up the gas and turning on the key, you just need to keep the gas going and keep your eyes on the road.

Next Step: More Sales Online


With this package, you’ll have a world-class local SEO expert working with you to maximize your visibility.

Our years of experience mean you’ll have peace of mind in knowing your company is in the best hands.

On average we aim to deliver a 10x return on investment in the first year alone!

Ready? Get In Touch Below!

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