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As young, budding marketers, we’re always looking for the best strategies around to ensure we deliver above and beyond expectations in New Zealand’s marketing space. We’re happy to say with Inbound Marketing, we’ve found it!

Inbound marketing is all about acting like a magnet: draw people in towards you by creating unquestionable and irresistible value. Don’t lay about yourself with a sledgehammer, hoping that you nail your point home. It simply doesn’t work anymore. We now live in a new age that is overflowing with information, where we’ve become proficient at ignoring interruptions and instead spending our attention on the things that draw our interest the most.

And let me tell you: if you’re not currently at work understanding and reacting to your prospects interests, then you’re in big trouble! 

inbound marketing methodology

When you engage with us, we engage with the diagram above. We work to attract more customers to your website, and then convert them into high quality leads for your sales team to close.

Most NZ businesses are stuck within the “Attract” phase. They engage with SEO or PPC (pay-per-click, or, Google/Facebook Adwords) agencies, sometimes both, to draw as many visitors to their website as possible. But what’s great about more visitors if minimal actions are taken as a result?

You don’t really want more people on your website. What you want is improved interaction, lead generation, and sales, right?

With Inbound Marketing through Hubspot’s platform, we help you get there.

Following the inbound methodology under Hubspot’s framework, the average return on investment produced after a year of work is 4.1x more visitors and 3x more leads, per month.

For the price of an employee, that’s insane. This is what excites us so much!

If you have a keen understanding of your website’s traffic, leads and customers, head along to the ROI calculator, and see what your projected growth could look like.

We offer a comprehensive Inbound Marketing Service, starting from foundational research and organising your existing database, all the way through to creating unique content offers and driving an organised, tracked and reported inbound marketing funnel that delivers amazing results.

It’s time to push out of that mud of “traffic generation” and move into a campaign that adds value, solves problems, and delights your prospects.

We are looking at engaging with serious, high performing businesses that want to tackle a new era of online digital growth.

If you’re turnover has reached $1-3 million and you still don’t have a dedicated marketing team or approach, it’s time to talk to us. If you’re anything over $3million, and you need fresh eyes and a new era of growth, it’s definitely time to talk to us!

When you have a second, please get in touch below. We’d love to chat and see if you’re a fit for our unique company.



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