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Let's talk goals
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Double your businesses growth 🎉🙌


A growth workshop is an immersive 3-hour experience where we get together with up to 6 key stakeholders from different departments of your company and identify your core problems, align on where you need to focus, and create a tailored set of strategies, together, that will double your growth rate over the next 3 months. 


At the end of the workshop, you're left with 5+ experiments which you can deploy and test immediately. You'll be enlightened with a clear understanding of current growth bottle-necks in the company and how to overcome each one.




We take all the best tools from the Design Sprint (which has helped thousands of companies grow faster like Uber, Slack, Salesforce, McKinsey&Company) and mix it with the magic growth formula of the Lean Startup and The Startup Way.


Combined, you've got a one-two punch of epic results in the shortest amount of time possible. A 3-hour workshop that will help you to create the exact list of solutions which will double your growth for the next three months. 🔥




For most companies in Auckland, we'll be able to send a member of the team to facilitate the whole thing. If you're out of Auckland or still in startup mode, we also host monthly Growth Workshops to bigger audiences and have a Growth Workshop kit if you want to download it and host it yourself.


The investment in a Growth Workshop with us is $1500. It's priced low so it can be the perfect starting point for any company looking to tackle growth in a new way.




Fill in the form below and we'll be in touch within 1 business day on how we can help you grow with a growth workshop. The most powerful way to align your company and get all the best growth ideas on the table.


We've taken the elements of the design sprint used by companies such as Google, Slack, Bose, Salesforce, Red Bull, Netflix, Airbnb and more to quickly and radically solve the problems they're facing and have built a 3-hour Growth workshop to help you do the exact same thing.




Fill in the form below and double your growth! 🙌





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