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Priscila Bernardes, LANcom Technology
"The effort INBOUND puts into working within our strategic goals means the marketing component of our future planning is well-informed and on target. I would recommend INBOUND to anyone wanting to engage with an agency that drives results."
Tom Land, Ecotricity
"The Inbound team are awesome! We had an excellent daydelving into our business looking for areas where we could improve.
It was was an insightful and interesting day and I am really looking forward tothe results of the projects that have come out of the day."
Simon Burgoyne, Talend
"The team worked with us to promote our Data Governance in NZ event - Including Creative, Edm's, LinkedIn and other social.  The targeted Edm's had open rates of over 35% given they provided value as well as promoting the events.  They were instrumental in the delivery of a very professional event."

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