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Fox & Mae.

Goal: To help Fox&Mae online by establishing their brand locally in Auckland and increasing their presence online.

Fox&Mae are personal image consultants based in Auckland (they should have paid us through fashion advice... oh boy do we need it!). From their own mouths "Whether it is fashion, hair, makeup or choosing your own personal style. We bring a down-to-earth approach seeing ourselves as your problem solvers, your wardrobe fixers, making sure working with us is always fun, always relaxed. We believe everyone has innate beauty and style and what we love helping people discover this for themselves.

We’re a duo of experienced stylists and professional makeup artists with an infectious love of fashion. With over 14 years of working alongside each other and (too many!) years combined experience we have been lucky enough to work with some of New Zealand’s top designers and stylists. Our greatest joy is bringing all our knowledge and know-how to getting YOU looking fabulous and feeling amazing."

So we set out to improve their local presence in Auckland and this was focused around the very important Google+ page for their business.

And you can see, after building citations, ramping up their inbound links and optimising a few things on the website, we started to get results. And in under a week you can see there is already an extra 111 people viewing their page, and 5 extra targeted, local leads on their site.