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What is CS-VUE?logocsvue.png

CS-VUE's cloud based compliance software is simply better. No software to install. No hardware issues. Unlimited users. Access to our best practice software is enjoyed by all our clients, from anywhere, no matter the size of the business. CS-VUE boast an extraordinary range of clients such as Perry Resources, Auckland Council, Auckland Airport, Ravensdown, BP, Meridian, KiwiRail and NZTA to name a few.

Some of thier clients are the big names!



The Campaign - Risk Management Product Launch

Risk Management is a huge focus for CS-VUE as they have a big drive to reduce workplace risk. Recently on April 4th, the Health & Safety reforms were launched, tightening the laws around risk management and making companies (and everyone) more liable. 


Our goal was two-fold. We needed to increase awareness about the up and coming Health & Safety reforms in April while also helping CS-VUE build up a list of leads for their new Risk Management software. 


What We Did.

Phase 1

The first was Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and conversion optimsation.

We started by cleaning their website of errors. We then went through and optimised for search engines by making hundreds of little tweaks that ultimately help the site rank higher in Google and increase the amount of traffic and awareness they receive organically.

Phase 2

The next phase was to develop a funnel to turn this increase in traffic into paying customers.   


Step 1) Generating Awareness And Trafficcs1.png

Even for people in the health and safety industry, the safety reforms were confusing. 

Since these changes affect all businesses, large and small, we wanted to create a pillar piece of content that conveyed the changes in an easy to read manner while also being one of the best pieces of content online.

We did some research and found what would be the key points to put forward, then made sure we included an instantly actionable solution as a next step.

You can see the piece on safety reforms by clicking here.

We took this a little further by adding a call to action on this blog post to download an easy to digest checklist to make sure your business is compliant, and what to do if it's not.


Step 2) Capturing Leads

Visitors are great but adding value to them and turning them into leads (getting their email address) is even better.

We developed and designed this 10 Step Checklist to help visitors easily digest the reforms while providing actionable steps to implement the changes needed.

In turn these visitors exchange their email address allowing CS-VUE to follow up and run the business through a demo of their software if interested.


Step 3) Turning Leads Into Customers

A contact form on a site is good, but its not the best way to capture leads.

We brainstormed a few ideas, showed CS-VUE our research, and developed a great way for them to convert those leads who cs2.jpegwere interested in the download of Step 2, and the content of Step 1, into sales qualified leads. 

We came up with an idea of offering a free demo to their software as a good way to open up the conversation and generate more sales.


Click here to check out the trial page for CS-VUE.