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The goal was to take Hatch Web Design & Development to the next level. They are amazing at website design, so we worked with them to create a campaign that delivered a consistent stream of high level leads. We wanted a system that could allow leads to validate themselves (those who were truly keen and ready for a website, today) while at the same time nurturing those who still had a little way to go before they would commit. 

Check out the steps below as we break it down.

Step 1: Increase The Number of Visitors Through SEO

 Create Research Driven Content

Our first step was to help Hatch increase the number of visitors they were getting on their website, and there's no better way than producing amazing content. We decided our first piece of content should be something that positions Hatch as experts in their industry.

And there's nothing more powerful than a '2016 Guide To The Web'. 

Already they're ranking number two on Google for that term and anyone who reads the article is much more likely to make Hatch their first point of contact when a potential client is ready to build their website.

Step 2: Increase The Number of Leads By 600%

Increase The Number of Leads By 600%

Getting more visitors is great, but turning them into leads is even better. So we went ahead and created a '10 Step Checklist To A Modern Website' which helps anyone with a website ensure that it is performing as efficiently as possible. These 10 steps include items such as website speed, mobile friendliness and flash, and they act as a solid checklist to take most websites from zero to hero.

The best part about this? If a potential customer is going through the checklist and finds out that they're not mobile friendly and are potentially losing half of their traffic, who do you think they're going to call? Hatch.

To ensure maximum conversion, we created a custom landing page solely for this download and linked it from the blog. Now the blog post not only provides massive value, but it also has the potential to turn a prospect into a lead.

This one step has delivered hatch over 30 leads over the last two months and we can expect many more to come.

Step 3: Introduced A System To Help Leads Validate Themselves And Turn Into Sales Qualified Leads

Introduced A System To Help Leads Validate Themselves And Turn Into Sales Qualified Leads

When a user signs up and exchanges their email and name for the download, they then get sent to the page above which we also custom built for Hatch. This gives the lead a chance to share the guide with friends and family and we also added a section down the bottom that turn leads into sales qualified leads.

We worked with Hatch to develop an amazing offer and Hatch now provides an awesome 30-minute strategy session to anyone who fills out that form, no strings attached. 

The form gives us even more information about the lead and also helps Hatch close more customers.

Step 4: Increase The Number of Sales Qualified Leads by 900%

 Create Research Driven Content

We developed this last custom landing page for Hatch which they send to all of their leads if they haven't already signed up to the awesome strategy session.

Since this page is dedicated to sharing the benefits of the consultation, it boasts a nice conversion rate and has helped Hatch turn many leads into sales qualified leads (and consequently into customers).

We like to call this the cherry on top, as we find it's these extra steps that really make the biggest difference.

Step 5: Drive Consistent Traffic Through Facebook: Generating Marketing Qualified Leads For $20

Drive Consistent Traffic Through Facebook: Generating Marketing Qualified Leads For $20

A hyper targeted ad campaign that generates marketing qualified leads for only $20. For a high ticket item business such as web-design, we're pretty happy with the results (and I know they are too).

The ad campaign was split into a few different components:

  • A Facebook ad to increase awareness to the blog post by sending visitors that are small business owners and are likely to be looking for a website.
  • An ad that encourages users to download the 10 Step Checklist
  • A final ad that encouraged those who downloaded the checklist to then go ahead and claim their free consultation.

This process allows us to quickly set our attention on those leads most interested and most likely to convert while still nurturing those who aren't quite so keen. For Hatch it's a double win. This strategy is both more cost effective and it simplifies their sales process: their leads are now pre-framed to see Hatch as the complete expert in their field. 

Step 6: Nurture Leads And Add Massive Value Through Email Marketing

Nurture Leads And Add Massive Value Through Email Marketing

Once we have the leads information, we also encouraged them through the funnel with relevant information at the perfect time. From actionable information to website style guides, we organized a 30 day introduction series which allows the lead to get to know Hatch on a deeper level while lightly educating them on additional tips and tricks which improves the rapport over the long-term.

This email marketing campaign does two things:

  • It helps convert more people who need a website.
  • It helps nurture the leads that aren't ready, until they are.

These two components are a huge advantage for any business, especially when you deal with longer sales cycles and large ticket items.

Step 7: Hosted A Sales Training Session To Improve Conversions Across The Board

Hosted A Sales Training Session To Improve Conversions Across The Board

We wanted to ensure that Hatch could provide value to as many customers as possible, so we hosted an in-depth and personalized sales training session to help Hatch create retainers for existing clients, increase the amount of referrals and reviews, and finally, to close more leads.

This is what we call a complete inbound marketing campaign. As you can see, it's powerful, fully integrated and it's sole goal is to attract more visitors and acquire more customers while adding a huge amount of value to your audience. We hate when companies are pushing to make a sale, and so do your customers, so if you're interested in seeing how you can increase growth while also increasing the amount of value you deliver to your customers, make sure you get in touch!


Now that's what We call a successful campaign. Ready to talk? Contact us today.

Let's get together, grab a coffee and throw some ideas around.


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