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The goal was to take Davis Funeral's online presence to the next level. They provide an amazing service and are one of the most recognised funeral homes in the country, and they wanted an online presence to portray that.

We helped Davis Funerals rebuild and launch their website as well as improve their results from search engine optimisation by 540% in 30 days.

In English? We massively increased the number of people that visit their website every day through search engines like Google.

We improved the number of clicks a day that Davis Funerals received from Google from 150 visitors a month to 960. We also increased the visibility of Davis Funerals online from 8,190 impressions a month to 18,750.

Step 1: Create Research Driven Content

 Create Research Driven Content

Davis gave us the template and we set about with filling the website with content. We spent hours researching the best funeral homes around the world and settled on a tone that Davis loved. We incorporated our keyword research into this to ensure that once the website was live, we'd gain maximum search engine visibility.

Step 2: Ensure A Structured And Professional Transfer

Ensure A Structured And Professional Transfer

We worked closely with Davis Funerals over the next 30 days to ensure the website rolled out without a hitch. 98% of websites experience a dip in their search engine rankings when making big adjustments to their website, but thanks to a well structured transfer, Davis Funerals experienced an instant increase, and it's still on the rise.

Step 3: Enjoy A 540% Improvement To Search Engine Visibility.

Enjoy A 540% Improvement To Search Engine Visibility.

Davis Funerals now enjoys more than twice the number of visitors from search engines, which is one of their primary sources of revenue, and will continue to do so for the next year.

What does this mean for their potential customers? Now more people can find and experience the professionalism and care that Davis Funerals provides.

And what does this mean for Davis Funeral's revenue? A lot.

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