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When a B2B company needs to recruit IT pros for a professional event, we dust off what seems to be an old-fashioned tool and turn it to the most relevant and effective marketing campaign. You don’t believe it? See for yourself:

  • 1,000 qualified leaders targeted
  • 45% email open rate
  • 20% email click-through rate
  • over $310k of a net new services and $900k of product revenue for OSS Group influenced by the event
OSS Group


How the power of EDM helped an organisation become a thought leader.

Do you think digital marketing is all about posting cute cat GIFs on social media? Do you consider EDMs outdated? Hold on; we’ve got something for you. Here’s feedback from OSS Group who entrusted Inbound for EDM campaigns towards IT professionals. Spoiler alert: the results were stunning!

OSS Group, a New Zealand IT company with over 25 years of experience, called upon the services of Inbound two years ago. Being a tech company in a competitive and ever-changing environment requires more than expertise and skills on its core subject. It also requires building a marketing strategy and a digital image. This is how OSS Group and Inbound started their collaboration.

The Challenge

Recruiting IT prospects.

As part of this mission, Dominik Firsow, Head of Customer Experience and Digital Marketing, challenged the agency on an upcoming event. OSS Group, with their partner Talend, wanted to host two events in Auckland and Wellington around Data Governance. They decided to make it a breakfast event that included a panel discussion amongst senior data leaders in New Zealand. The event was topical, as it addressed general data protection regulation implications that were just being recognised in New Zealand.

Inbound designed a highly targeted electronic direct mail (EDM) campaign to promote the event. They invited over 1,000 data leaders from across New Zealand’s diverse industries.

The Solution

Up to $1 million in revenue.

“We had an email open rate of 45% and click-through rate of 20%,” says Dominik. “This is an impressive statistic for an unsolicited email to a new contact.”

The event attracted over 70 attendees from some of New Zealand’s largest companies. Some of these attendees started conversations with OSS Group about how to improve their data governance strategy. Other attendees were further along in their decision-making process and were ready to engage with OSS Group on a data governance project after hearing their value proposition.  

Overall, the event influenced over $1 million in revenue for OSS Group. “This was definitely a team effort, as we had an excellent panel and the event was run really well,” said Dominik. “However, if it hadn’t been for the personalised EDM campaign, we would not have had the same engagement with the data governance community, and we would not have had as many high-quality leads.”

If you thought email marketing was dead, here is proof that it’s not. Not until you leave it to experts who understand user experience and who design compelling, targeted messages. Even in a B2B environment.

The Result

  • 1,000 qualified leaders targeted
  • 45% open email rate
  • 20% email click-through rate
  • over $1 million in revenue for OSS Group influenced by the event

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