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Within a few months, we helped the IT company gain great exposure on the web:

  • A clear and strong identity and positioning on the web
  • A complete website rebuild to attract B2B clients
  • An in-depth work on SEO
  • More than 3 times more traffic on the website
  • More than 7 times more traffic on the blog

OSS Group


Imagine a company with a solid track record, high-skills, happy customers, but poor visibility on the web. Put it in a competitive market dominated by major international players. It is where OSS Group stood two years ago: a long-hidden IT gem! Here is how the brand finally surfaced with the help of Inbound agency.

Editor’s note: Read this article till the end… the story takes a surprising twist!


The Challenge

A cutting-edge tech company, antique web presence

With 25 years of experience, OSS Group is acknowledged as an industry leader in New-Zealand. However, back in 2018,their website and digital presence were outdated. Dominik Firsow, the head of Customer Experience and Digital Marketing at OSS Group, knew this had to be remedied. 


“We knew very little about how well we were attracting customers,” said Dominik. “I wanted to know how people found us and, when they find us, how best to communicate our value to them.” Dominik did not feel that the content, information, and presentation of the website was representative of OSS Group and their excellence in the IT space. 


Besides improving OSS Group’s digital image, there was another challenge Dominik wanted to address: their marketing strategy. “Most of our marketing was done using established relationships and traditional cold calling,” says Dominik. “I wanted a way to attract people to our business organically. If they were looking for a solution to their problems, I wanted to make sure that we were the ones they found.”


Finding a partner who understands and takes OSS Group forward 

After he identified the problem, Dominik went searching for the solution he knew he needed. 

“Like most people of my generation, I turned to Google for the answers,” he says. He started by searching for “search engine optimisation providers”, identified several companies in Auckland and started going through reviews. 


A company that stood out was Inbound. “Not only did they have a high rating, but the written reviews were of a higher calibre than other companies,” says Dominik. When he visited their website, he liked their presence and seeing the people that were inside the organisation. 

“I instantly had a connection in terms of who this organisation was,” says Dominik. “They had spent time and effort crafting their own web presence, which made me more confident that they could help OSS Group with our upgrade.” 


During his first meeting with Ben Male and Luke Chong at Inbound, Dominik saw them distinguish themselves from the competition by wanting to provide some immediate value and by leading the conversation about search engine optimisation (SEO). 


“I knew that SEO was something we required, but I didn’t know how to go about it,” says Dominik. “They agreed that OSS Group needed a better website to attract people, but they encouraged me to think about how we planned to capture leads once they were attracted.”

Inbound offered a light-touch audit using OSS Groups’ Google Analytics data to make a complete, informed assessment of the challenges associated with OSS Group’s web presence and their ability to attract leads. 


“They took a thought-leadership approach which resonated with me,” says Dominik. “They demonstrated a greater understanding than other companies and a willingness to think outside the box of what I was asking for based on my limited understanding.”


The Solution

A strategic partner for growth 

Two of Inbound’s initial engagements with OSS Group were rebuilding of the website and running an EDM campaign for an event.

In order to develop and grow OSS Group’s digital presence, Inbound focused on improving the website. This involved modernising the appearance and clarifying OSS Group’s story and positioning. Everything was built to enhance the experience of the customer and gathering information about how the website was being used to make future improvements. 

The results were astounding. In the six months after the website rebuild, Inbound generated a 52% increase in visitors to the website, a 61% increase in the number of sessions, and a 62% increase in page views compared to the six months period before the rebuild. 


“This has been a great result for us,” says Dominik. “On top of these outcomes, there have been compliments from some of our key clients and partners, like IBM and Red Hat, on the marked improvement of the website’s look and feel.” 


Partners and more - for the future  

Inbound continues to work with OSS Group to improve its digital presence and increase the number and quality of leads generated. 


“At the moment, Inbound is doing a lot of digital campaigns,” says Dominik. “We’re also looking to grow our organic SEO, expand the website to generate more value for our customers and prospects, and become more consistent with our digital communication across multiple channels.”


Growth in these areas relies on data collected from the website and from paid advertising. 

“You’ve got to start with the basics and build on top of it,” says Dominik. “We didn’t have much data to work with at the start. It was a process for the data to be collected and analysed. Only then were we able to make changes that brought about growth.”

Dominik feels that the inbound marketing strategy is best for organisations who are intently focused on growth and are prepared to make the investment, not only in terms of budget but also time and learning. 


“If you are starting with no data, don’t expect mountains of leads to come through with a three month period of time” says Dominik.  Dominik sees OSS Group’s marketing strategy as a medium to long term investment that requires patience and dedication to ensure decisions are informed by data and the customer. “As business people, we make assumptions based on our world view and our experience of who we think our customers are” says Dominik. “Digital marketing allows a business to collect data to validate those assumptions with our customers.” 


OSS Group has made leaps and bound in the way it engages with its customers in the digital space. Dominik attributes this not only to the actual improvements made but also to his personal growth in understanding and engaging with Inbound’s methods. 

“It’s exciting,” says Dominik. “There’s an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment people can get from going on the inbound marketing journey. It fundamentally changes how you think about your relationship with your customers.”


Speaking about relationships, the one between OSS Group and Inbound agency took an unexpected turn last year, when the IT expert finally acquired its trustful digital partner. “We loved their work so much, that we ended up acquiring Inbound Marketing!” concludes Dominik.

The Result

  • Website traffic has increased overall by 308% (rolling date, previous 365 days)
  • Blog Performance (reading of our content) has increased by 747% (compared to last year) . To give you an example, in October last year, we had 15 views, so far this month 356!. Last month we had 676!
  • on LinkedIn! We've moved from 126 a year an ago to 385 followers.

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