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Creating a brand from scratch can be somewhat an impressive task, even with the greatest product. We finally managed to bring MyAdbox into the spotlight through well-targeted actions:

  • a high performing 10.28% form fill out rate on our landing-page
  • more than 50 qualified leads identified within 3 months


Creating a world champion. No less.

What do you get when you take the incredible brains of some of Australia’s finest marketers, creatives and tech geniuses, and put them in a room with a mission to optimise the functionality of enterprise-level brands? You get MyAdbox, the most advanced and sophisticated Brand Automation tool on the planet.

But how do you make a global product reach a global market? Even with an array of connections and delighted customers, reaching a global audience requires reaching the right people in the right place at the right time. And for a new company, that can be tricky.

Building from the ground up requires people who have experience helping SaaS companies grow. MyAdbox came to us with aspirations to reach the companies they didn’t have the connections in and to share their story, allowing their results to speak for themselves.

Targeting: less is more.

Inbound was able to hit the ground running. Off the bat, we identified a need for a strong SEO plan and a marketing plan that shared the incredible value that MyAdbox could add to its customers.

Rather than advocating for a blanket approach where we came out all guns blazing at an entire market, we developed some highly refined Buyer Personas to identify the different audiences we’d need to adjust our copy for. We used our Buyer Personas to narrow our target audience to C-Level Execs to begin our marketing focus. We saw this as the market with the most decision making power and the highest likelihood of responding to high-level content.

After developing a gated content piece, looking at Brand Automation and it’s value to Enterprise level companies, we identified the best place to begin our marketing plan. We used LinkedIn, as we’d be able to hone in on the exact job titles, functions, seniorities and companies. This level of refined targeting was crucial to match our messaging and was a key driver in how we positioned the brand and the content piece.

After refining and tweaking the copy over the first two weeks, we started generating a solid return on our investment. We were engaging the exact audience we had imagined, reaching ‘decision-maker’ C-Level Executives in enterprise-level companies and getting high levels of engagement for this audience.

Targeting: less is more
Job Title Demographic Data from LinkedIn Campaign
Targeting: less is more.
Company Size Demographic Data from LinkedIn Campaign

Quick results. Real impact.

Our landing page also generated a strong result, with social media-driven visitors being generated at a 10.28% clip. This was a strong result, above the industry standard and impressive with the little visibility that MyAdbox had in the market at that point, outside its impressive results for its clients:

Targeting: less is more.
(Landing Page Performance from HubSpot)

In the space of a 3-month window, we delivered53 new leads. These included leads from some of the largest enterprises in Australia and South Africa in a range of industries including automotive, financial, SaaS, media, higher education, utilities, health and government.

For MyAdbox, who had previously relied on connections and cold calling to generate new business, this was a huge step in the right direction. A steady stream of quality leads would allow their sale steam to focus on closing instead of generating leads.

Alongside LinkedIn, we also launched Google Adwords campaigns, focusing on key brand terms, competitors and key value terms, to begin expanding the brand name and reputation as we looked to progress into 2020.

To begin the journey into a marketing-lead2020, we also began producing high-value content, and a social strategy, so the name ‘MyAdbox’ would become synonymous with ‘Brand Automation’.

After a series of high-intensity workshops in Melbourne in December 2019, we’re pushing into 2020 with a strong strategy to take MyAdbox to new heights. Look out for a new website on the horizon, and an even stronger push in the marketing space as we look to take over the Brand Automation world, one enterprise at a time.

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