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Using Lead Generation, SEO, PPC and email & content marketing and brilliant content, we accelerated brand reputation, enhanced their value proposition and helped guide thier customers throughout their buyer’s journey

In one year, we achieved:

  • a massive increase to 673 conversions
  • a total conversion value of over $47,110, with an ROI of 8.8x!
  • our best month, we generated an ROI of 14x!
  • website traffic growth from Adwords increased by 573%


Planning, changing or executing an effective Google Adwords strategy that is highly relevant and high converting for is challenging enough. What if it’s for a business with a highly innovative product that is considered to be in its infancy and doesn’t fit neatly into a defined marketing ‘category’?

The Challenge 

A New Zealand e-commerce company was having trouble conveying their innovative new products and their mission to Google (and thus to their audience) in a succinct way. After a short trial advertising on Facebook and Google Adwords, they realised that their messaging wasn’t reaching their target audience.

 Knowing that they needed to strengthen their advertising campaign to supplement their digital strategy the company turned to Inbound for help with their Adwords strategy.

 The company had no previous insights to draw upon when it came to Adwords, no benchmark for ROI, no precedent, no thought-leader or understanding of what ‘good’ looked like. This was a gamble for them and it wasa job for us to reduce the risk and ensure the odds were in their favour.

 The Solution

To gain a stronger understanding of the company’s target market, we developed buyer personas right off the bat. BuyerPersonas are fictionalised generic representations of an ideal customer. These personas allow companies to tailor content – whether related to marketing, sales or the product – in a more personal way. Introducing buyer personas to the eCommerce company, allowed us to move beyond their basic assumptions and towards a deeper understanding of their actual customers. This gave us further insight into the following and more:

  • Roles
  • Goals
  • Motivations
  • Challenges
  • Preferences
  • Behaviours.

 We then reviewed analytics and the existing content onthe site, such as blogs, to see which content and formats were getting the most organic traffic, what was being searched for and how users were moving throughthe site.

 Using our best tools, minds and HubSpot, we developeda multi-pronged approach that: 

  • Focused on the brand
  • Communicated the value proposition
  • Moved with the customer throughout their buyer’s journey.

While traditional campaigns focus on pushing a productor service, using this approach allowed us to achieve a more holistic set of objectives:

  • Attract: Usingour collective expertise to create content and conversations that start meaningful relationships with the right people
  • Engage: Buildinglasting relationships with people by providing the best products that alignwith their roadblocks and goals
  • Develop: Providing an outstanding experience that adds real value, empowers people to reach their goals, and become promoters of the company.

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The Result

A picture paints a thousand words. Together, we wereable to create a work of art. 

Leveraging a minimalist ad budget of $5,333 in a trial period, we generated 673 conversions. With an average order value of $70 per order, this represented a total conversion value of over $47,110!

  • That’s an ROI of 8.8x!
  • And in our best month, we generated an ROI of 14x!
  • Traffic growth from Adwords from the beginning to the end of the trial period increased by 573%.

Reeling from their success, the eCommerce company has since increased its Ad budget dramatically and today continues to see massive wins fromtheir Adwords strategy. Perhaps the biggest win of all is how this has paved the way for other unconventional eCommerce companies locally and abroad.

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