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Using SEO, ads, CRM and brilliant content, we accelerated the digital visibility and thought leadership of a vehicle fleet management company, placing them well ahead of their major competitors.

In one year, we achieved:

  • a 66% increase in overall users to their website in one year, a 30% increase in organic traffic in one year and a 2.44% decrease in bounce rate
  • a 33.44% open rate for emails and a 4.87% click rate
  • 109 inquiries driven by an ad campaign Overview
  • launched a blog, which has attracted 1,920 readers


We recently improved the visibility and thought leadership of a vehicle fleet management company that operates in many countries around the world. They help manage and finance the vehicles companies require to run their businesses. By sourcing in bulk, the fleet management company can get better terms from manufacturers and offer comprehensive services covering all aspects of vehicle ownership, from maintenance to insurance.

Internationally, the company has more than 50 years’ experience and manages 1.6 million vehicles in 32 countries. In New Zealand, the company manages and finances small and large fleets for corporate, government and SME clients, with over 21,000 vehicles in the country.

Challenge 1: Visibility

The company suspected that there were untapped avenues of growth for their business, specifically that there were potential clients out there who would benefit from their services, but for some reason couldn’t find their way to the product. The company wanted to be more visible to these clients and demonstrate their status in the industry. Specifically, they wanted to increase traffic to their website and reduce bounce rates.

Challenge 2: Thought Leadership

But they wanted to do more than just lease more vehicles. They wanted to educate their clients on how to optimise their fleets. They wanted to educate the drivers of the leased vehicles on the cars they drove and on hot topics in the driving industry.  

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Visibility: Strategy and Results

To strengthen visibility, we drove keyword growth through high UR and DR backlinks and built strong bottom of the funnel conversions through Search Engine Optimisation and Adwords. We also investigated methods for re-capturing leads and re-marketing to them via a CRM integration (HubSpot) with the website.

The results were fantastic. Over the course of a year, we helped the company mature its digital visibility, gaining industry-wide visibility that was nearly twice that of their closest competitor and at least three times that of other competitors (gauged using Share of Voice scores).

Here were some of our biggest accomplishments with the fleet management company:

  • SEO: 22 keywords on first page rankings and a 24% increase in website visitors from organic searches
  • Website traffic: 66% increase in overall users to their website in one year, 30% increase in organic traffic in one year and a 2.44% decrease in bounce rate
  • Email: 33.44% open rate and 4.87% click rate – the industry average is 20% and 2% respectively
  • Ads: 109 inquiries since the campaign launched
  • HubSpot: Created additional lead captures and created nurture sequence for gated content

Thought Leadership: Strategy and Results

To develop their strength as a thought leader, we decided to flex our content muscles by developing a blog. The goal of the blog was to add value to two very different personas – fleet managers and the drivers themselves.

  • Fleet managers: Fleet management often falls to a manager who serves multiple roles. They balance busy schedules and are generally short on time.
  • Drivers: Vehicles are tools used to get a job done. Drivers care that the vehicle works, but are less interested in pricing or options since the vehicle is provided.

While we designed SEO and ads with these personas in mind, we also considered how these personas would engage with blog content and conduct content searches. To appeal to business managers, content had to be high-level, condensed information that was short, sharp and easily digestible. Driver-oriented content, however, had to be engaging and carry a more narrative form.

Content also had to cater for different elements of time. Some customers could plan vehicle needs and maintenance schedules in advance. Others required immediate, unplanned assistance (e.g. accidents or unplanned business changes). We generated content that appealed to those in a normal planning cycle and other content for those with immediate needs. We aspired to be timeline agnostic when possible, with content suitable for planners and for those with an immediate need.

In the first year, we curated over 50 pieces of content, through rewriting and revising existing material on their website and by creating content from scratch. Topics ranged from the management of fleet data to trends in electric vehicle use.

One year in, and there have been 1,920 readers of the blog. Talk about thought leadership!

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Driving Forward Towards A Bright Future

At Inbound, we don’t measure our successes in numbers alone. We also measure our success in the relationships we build with our clients.

Instead of calling it quits after this initial win, we continue working with the fleet management company to make constant improvements to their digital visibility and to continue generating excellent content geared towards adding value to their clients.

We look forward to partnering with them well into the future.

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