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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About SEO Tools.

Written by Steven Male | Jul 4, 2017 11:23:31 PM


It’s kind of crazy to think that we are in 2017 and there are still otherwise smart and savvy business owners that aren’t taking full advantage of everything that the Internet has to offer – especially when it comes to search engine optimization.


Search engine optimization – strategically and specifically doing anything and everything you can to improve your results in all of the major search engine networks – is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as it may appear to be on the surface. That’s why so many cracker SEO tools exist, and why so many search engine optimization firms out there charge skyhigh fees to help you climb higher and higher in the rankings.


Because business is so cutthroat and competitive today you have to guard yourself against bad search engine optimization advice. Here are some of the worst pieces of advice we’ve ever heard about SEO tools and tactics, the kind of advice you’ll want to ignore completely!


"It’s easy to game Google with cracker SEO tools"


Yes, cracker SEO tools are going to make managing search engine optimization efforts a lot easier – A LOT easier – but that doesn’t mean you’re ever going to be able to game Google.


The people running Google, after all, are multibillionaires and some of the most intelligent people on the planet. The search engine optimization team that they have in place is always looking for a new way to improve the results that they provide everyone that uses the search engine, and they have next to zero interest in letting you game the system so that you can piggyback on all of their hard work when you may not be providing the most relevant results at the end of the day.


Utilize cracker SEO tools to boost your business success for sure, but don’t expect to be able to circumvent Google and all of the safeguards they’ve put in place. Even if you somehow managed to pull something like this off, you’ll inevitably get slapped by Google down the line – and may find yourself buried in the back pages.


"The more links you have the better off you are"


Getting as many back links as you can is going to be advantageous to a specific point, but loading up on back links indiscriminately isn’t ever going to provide you with the kind of search engine optimization results you were hoping for or anticipating.


Cracker SEO tools can definitely help you to find websites of influence, sites that can provide you with significant “link juice”, the kinds of back links that will boost your results across the board. At the same time, however, you can’t just indiscriminately add links from any web property of their – is the fastest way to show that you aren’t serious, that you aren’t legitimate, and that the results you are trying to achieve just aren’t for real.


"Search engine optimization is as close to set it and forget it as it gets"


Some people are under the impression that search engine optimization is easy, effortless, and straightforward – and that all you have to do is apply a little bit of effort up front and then let Google and the other major search engine networks handle the rest of the heavy lifting for you.


And while there is the smallest kernel of truth behind this statement, at the end of the day search engine optimization is so cutthroat and so competitive that if you take this kind of approach you’ll find your business success cut off at the knees and that you lose out to competitors that are much more aggressive.


Utilize cracker SEO tools as best you can to boost your results, to achieve the kinds of goals you were hoping for, and to claim the top spots of the major search engine networks for your business, your products, and your services.


"It’s impossible to track everything, so don’t bother with cracker SEO tools"


The last thing piece of absolutely terrible advice that we have to share with you is one that gets repeated time after time after time for no real discernible reason whatsoever, and it’s the kind of advice that will kill any business faster than anything else.


It’s impossible to understand if you’re headed down the path to success or the path to failure without first tracking your progress, creating milestones and striving for them, and making adjustments as necessary on the fly so that you achieve the goals that you have established for yourself.


Even though it may not be possible to track every single minute aspect of your search engine optimization you will be able to track ALMOST every single minute aspect of SEO, which is exactly why you want to use powerful tools and technology like the cracker SEO tools to boost your chances of success clear across the board.

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