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Techweek19: Event’s we’re looking forward to the most and our top tips

Luke Chong - 22/05/2019

With Techweek in full swing, it’s not too late to get amongst the action and find an event that inspires you, speaks to your personal goals and helps you take your business to the next level. No matter where you are in your personal or professional journey, we’ve listed out some of the exciting events we’re looking forward to the most.

Upcoming Techweek19 Events

Enter the age of the digital employee

(Wednesday 22nd May – Auckland)

The advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence has created a new function of skills inside an organisation; people designing, building, integrating and supporting these digital employees. How will this transform the way we live, work, play and connect?


How can GovTech promote collaboration

(Wednesday 22nd May – Wellington)

New Zealand has developed its ecosystem beyond just agriculture and tourism, and has become a launchpad and a viable investment for exciting new tech. Join an open conversation with leading entrepreneurs and representatives from the public sector all with the goal to collaborate and positively impact the New Zealand tech ecosystem.


Startup Breakfast Club

(Thursday 23rd May – Christchurch)

Powered by MYOB (and free flowing coffee and breakfast), this is an event for startups to find valuable social networks, gain business insights and discover the critical support needed to propel your venture forward.


AR/VR Auckland Showcase

(Thursday 23rd May – Auckland)

A collective of Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) companies showcase the latest development of AR/VR technology and how this technology is transforming work in fields such as medical, education, tourism and health & safety.


How to leverage and protect your most valuable assets

(Thursday 23rd May – Wellington)

As a founder/owner you leave a lot of money on the table (and uncertainty) when you don’t understand how to leverage and mitigate the risks around your intangible assets, such as your IP, brand and secret sauce. Learn strategies you can adopt to enhance and protect your company’s intangibles.


Te Wa Heke: Invent the Future Festival

(Friday 24th May – Wellington)

Experience how technology is changing the way we live, work, learn and play through an interactive exhibits in a future city.


Leading the new frontier of innovation – Technology, People and Impact

(Friday 24th May – Auckland)

A unique leadership experience designed for a senior executive audience where you will learn about the impact of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things and Blockchain.


Hi-Tech Awards

(Friday 24th May – Auckland)

Celebrate the international achievements of New Zealand tech companies and highest achieving individuals.


The Launch of Te Ōhaka: Centre for Growth and Innovation

(Friday 24th May – Christchurch)

The official opening of Christchurch’s Centre for Growth, Te Ōkaka. An ecosystem-powered hub which will connect, nurture, support and promote our country’s high growth start ups and innovation-led early stage ventures.


Techweek TV

(Entire Week - Nationwide)

If you’re pressed for time, can’t make it to any of the events or live on Stewart Island, don’t fret! Check out Techweek TV where they will livestream a schedule of specially curated events and intereviews.


Top tips for Techweek19 attendees


  • Build your dream team - If there’s a visionary, thought leader, business owner or idol that you’ve always wanted to meet, chances are they could be hosting or a guest at one of the many events, seminars or workshops. List your dream team out and use the Techweek programme to search for a name or interest.
  • Register/Purchase your tickets ahead of time – This year there are plenty of paid, free and Koha (donation welcome) events, but only limited spots at each venue. Make sure to register or purchase your tickets ahead of time as you might not be so lucky on the day.
  • Practice your elevator speech – You never know who you’ll meet and there’s nothing worse than coming up with a bunch of gibberish on the spot. Also bring loads of business cards.
  • Lime it – Everyone’s driving in and nothing ruins a great night out like being late because you were looking for parking for 30 minutes. It’s also great for the environment.
  • Arrive early and stay late – The early bird gets the worm and the best seat in the house. Arriving early also means you might get the opportunity for some one on one time with your favourite speaker or personality.
  • Follow on twitter – Follow the event hashtags and the speakers on Twitter. Some speakers put out their presentation deck or deliver additional free resources through their social channels post-event.
  • Onto the next! – Now that you’ve built up the energy and networked like a Champ, continue that momentum and head on to your next event.


Found an interesting event, attended one you’d like to rave about or just want to see if I’m going? Drop me a line at luke@inbound.org.nz.





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