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Ranking Higher on Google, Step 4: High-Quality Backlinks

Written by Ben Male | Jan 16, 2017 12:19:09 AM

Welcome to the final week of the series! 

After this week, we'll combine all these blogs in an easy to download format. That way you'll have all this content ready in a little cheat sheet to take away with you, or share with a friend.

This week is all about establishing some fundamental, trustworthy and powerful backlinks. 

The way we're going to do this is through leveraging local business directories. 

Business Directories are such a simple, yet such a powerful way to generate trust from Google and Domain Authority (‘website power’) for your website.

Listen up! Make sure you pay attention to these next few paragraphs: it’s critical you understand why we’re out to achieve these listings.

The purpose of listing in business directories isn’t so people can find you through them. The real reason is so you can create a backlink.

A backlink is another site linking to yours. In this case, I’m creating a backlink right now by sending this link to our homepage. When you create a listing in a business directory, they input your URL (alongside your other business info), providing a backlink pointing direct to your site.

By linking to your site, the business directory is associating themselves with you. Generally speaking, the more people linking to you, the more trustworthy and relevant your website then becomes. If lots of people are talking about you and sharing your content, you must be doing something right, right?!

The stronger a website is, the more powerful that backlink is. Google determines Domain Authority through a bunch of tactics, mainly relevance. Since business directories are so relevant in how they help people (it’s pretty clear what a business directory is doing right?), Google can rank them really highly for doing a good job.

That being said, a backlink from a popular business directory is worth much more than a backlink from an average performing website.

Here’s a list of some high performing NZ business directories, courtesy of us ;)

Go forth and conquer!