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Six insanely effective small business advertising tactics.

Written by Steven Male | Jul 6, 2017 11:00:00 PM

Small business owners today have the opportunity to take advantage of advertising leverage like never before that previously wasn't available to anyone but the largest companies with the deepest marketing and advertising budgets available.


Today it’s possible to get set up global marketing campaigns with only a few hundred dollars (if that) and a bit of time, creating a truly global business in an afternoon. At the same time, some marketing and advertising tactics are more powerful and more effective than others – and you’ll want to be sure that you are making the most the leverage that you have available today.


Here are six insanely effective small business advertising tactics you’ll want to make the most of right now!


Take advantage of paid search engine advertising


While traditional search engine optimization will get you fantastic results all on its own, the results you get from that “slow road” of online marketing is never going to produce results as fast as paid search engine advertising will.


You certainly need to make the most of this small business advertising approach, as your prospects and customers will expect you have some kind of web presence and if they aren’t able to find you online quickly and effortlessly they’ll go with competitors without even batting an eyelash.


Leverage social media marketing


Social media marketing – especially Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – provide you with the same kind of leverage that search engine optimization does, but it also offers you the digital version of word-of-mouth advertising, too.


No small business advertising campaign is complete without making the most of social media. You’ll want to create profiles on all of the major networks, begin engaging with your customers and your market as often as you can come and create real marketing campaigns that revolve around this kind of activity ASAP.


Use email to boost your business success


Small business advertising is most successful when it is inexpensive, laser targeted, and incredibly fast – which is a perfect way to describe email marketing.


Email marketing allows you to market aggressively (and as often as you like) while remaining inexpensive, but also has the advantage of being effortlessly tracked, effortlessly measured, and effortlessly multiplied when you hit upon email marketing campaigns that really work.


The kind of leverage that you enjoy when you take this sort of approach with email marketing is significant. You get real control over communications with your target market and your past customers, and with a bit of foresight and real strategy you can make email marketing the backbone of your small business advertising efforts.


Create marketing funnels rather than one-off campaigns


It is of the utmost importance that you stop thinking of each marketing and advertising effort as a “one-off” kind of event and instead start treating all of your marketing and all of your advertising as major campaigns that flow into and out of one another.


The biggest companies in the most successful companies all over the world have advertising and marketing calendars with months and often times entire years of advertising and marketing campaigns planned out. You’ll want to take the same kind of approach, creating marketing funnel that are relevant, timely, and build off of the success of previous campaigns.


This kind of small business advertising approach is going to take a bit more time, a bit more energy, and a bit more effort but it will also produce many multiples of profit compared to one off campaigns that make all of that extra involvement worthwhile.

You can read more about funnels, or understand their significance by download the checklist:


Don’t forget about good old-fashioned direct mail, either


While digital marketing and advertising has definitely become the bread and butter of small business advertising these days (and for obvious reasons) these kinds of approaches have also become significantly more crowded and cluttered with competition as well.


It’s become really difficult to break apart from the rest of the pack and built the kind of successful business that you’ve been dreaming about online without some really stellar small business advertising.


By going “retro”, however, and leveraging direct-mail and other more traditional approaches you will find the market a lot less cluttered and your potential prospects and customers much more receptive to your advertising messages.


Actively advertise to your past customers as often as you do complete and total strangers


At the end of the day, you would be making a major mistake to advertise aggressively to complete and total strangers in hopes of turning them into paying customers while at the same time ignoring advertising to people that you’ve already convinced to become your paying customer – people that like you, people that trust you, and people that are happy to give you their hard earned money already.


Make sure that you advertise to your past customers just as often as you do complete and total strangers, if not even more frequently. There’s a lot of money in your past customers that will flow to you more effortlessly than complete and total strangers, that’s for sure!


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