Why we love HubSpot CRM (and you should too!)

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Aug 31, 2021 12:00:00 AM
HubSpot CRM allows you to centralize and better manage all of your leads, prospects and customer data effortlessly. By providing an easy to use and easy to administer platform, HubSpot improves your marketing, sales and customer success processes and inevitably boosts your bottom line. While there are other CRMs out there promising to offer you the same benefits that HubSpot offers, none of them are able to back up those lofty goals the same way that HubSpot can. Here are some of the reasons why we love HubSpot CRM and why we think you should too! 

Important customer data is kept in one place 

The less time you have to spend bouncing from one application to another trying to track down critical information, crunching data in multiple spreadsheets and figuring out your analytics, the better off you are going to be.

HubSpot provides you with all of the information you need about your marketing funnel (leads), your sales pipeline and important customer interactions in one place. This allows you to display your critical business information easily and generate the right reporting to support your business objectives. That’s what makes HubSpot CRM so successful.

You can log all interactions with a customer, including important phone calls, emails, meeting notes and what documents they read and website pages they’ve visited. HubSpot keeps all this vital data in a consolidated Activity feed and easy to navigate side panels that display other crucial information about your customer relationships.

Build automation and workflows

HubSpot CRM has the flexibility for you to create automations and workflows to suit your unique business processes. Your business may love seeing new leads come in, but the reality of following up all of these leads to qualify into prospects and guide them through your pipeline can be arduous. HubSpot takes the pain out of this process by allowing you to build automations or workflows which trigger nurturing email sequences to these leads to help them self qualify, or you can trigger follow-up actions to prospects or clients to help navigate them through the buying process. This means less time spent chasing after unqualified prospects and sinking time into admin-heavy tasks which don’t drive any real value for your business. 



HubSpot CRM is the pillar of your digital strategy 

At the end of the day, you want to streamline and simplify as much of your sales, marketing and customer success processes as you can.

HubSpot CRM was designed to draw in your customers and keep them engaged. It’s a platform that’s been designed to grow your business and grow with your business by design. As your business becomes more complex and requires additional applications, systems and processes. HubSpot’s open API architecture will allow you to integrate your core business applications to deliver greater value to your customers and your staff. Long gone are the days of siloed applications and data. 


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