Top 10 Presenters Inbound is Excited to Hear at GROW with HubSpot’s 2021 Event

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Aug 31, 2021 12:00:00 AM
We can’t wait to sink our teeth in and learn from industry leaders in Australia and New Zealand. In no particular order, here are our Top 10 speakers we are looking forward to the most!

ChristopherVoss, International Kidnapping Negotiator for the FBI
OpeningKeynote: Never Split the Difference
9:00AM- 9:30AM GMT + 10


You are probably wondering how international kidnapping relates to business? Well, no matter your role, learning negotiation skills will be a vital skill as your career and business progress. Negotiation is not just limited to salespeople, being a competent negotiator could help you to secure a pay rise, secure buy-in, or achieve a business outcome in everyday situations.

With Christopher’s 24 years of experience in the FBI, he has assembled the most effective tactics for high-pressure negotiations.


Dan Gunasekara Sr. Client Solutions Manager and Yasmeen Telsem, Partner Marketing Manager, LinkedIn
Working with Sales to Build a World-Class ABM Strategy
9:30AM- 10:00AM GMT + 10


LinkedIn’s team of experts Yasmeen Telsem and Dan Gunasekara virtually join us to reveal their tactics for implementing a successful ABM strategy. Discover how you can create an effective ABM strategy by aligning your marketing and sales teams to expedite your business growth. The session will uncover: ABM and if it’s right for you, best practices for effective ABM-focused content, how to use LinkedIn and HubSpot together to manage high-performing campaigns and which ABM metrics to use based on your business goals.


Sam Rahmanian, Monsido, VP of Global Sales
Marketing and Sales Operations: The Next Big Lever for Growth
10:00AM- 10:30AM GMT + 10


With most marketing, sales and customer service teams operating in different silos, find out how you can bridge the gap with panellists Sam Rahmanian, Kyle Jepson and Katie Lio. This panel of experts will discuss how RevOps consolidate operations to provide a seamless experience and transition for a customer from the first contact to closed deal and support. Learn from the best and discover how streamlining your operations should be the next logical step to evolve your marketing and sales operations and see your organisation's growth expand.


David Fallarme, Head of Marketing, HubSpot Asia
How to Grow like Afterpay: Use (and Create) Your Unfair Advantages

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM GMT +10


Afterpay, the buy now pay later service (BNPL), has seen massive amounts of growth since its founding in 2014. Despite being the youngest in the industry, Afterpay now sits at the top of the most successful BNPL players in the world. David Fallarme discusses how Afterpay faced harsh competition by identifying its advantages and using these tactics to outpace its competitors. Learn from and develop your own frameworks that you can apply to your business.


Yamini Rangan, HubSpot, Current CCO, Incoming CEO
Keynote:Redefining What It Means to be Customer-Centric
11:30AM- 12:00PM GMT + 10


With HubSpot’s recent announcement to appoint Yamini Rangan as their new CEO, we are super excited to listen in on this one! Yamini discusses her experience in creating truly customer-centric organisations that maintain exceptional customer experiences at scale. Discover the benefits of aligning your business around your customers and building a customer-focused culture within your team. Learn how structuring your systems and technology in a positive way will impact your customers.

Emma Downham, Outfit, Demand Generation Marketing Manager
BuildingBrand vs. Generating Leads: Which is Most Important for Growing Businesses?

12:00PM - 12:30PM GMT + 10


Emma Downham joins a team of panelists to discuss the persistent questions marketing leaders of all growing companies face. Where and when limited resources should be allocated when building a brand or generating leads and where you can find the balance. Hear from both perspectives as these panelists answer your most pressing questions.


VictoriaDevine, She’s On The Money, Founder and CEO
UnconventionalBusiness Live: Victoria Devine
12:30PM- 1:00PM GMT + 10


Award-winning financial advisor Victoria Devine created a free to listen to podcast, She’s On The Money, with the aim of educating and giving the confidence to women to change their financial situations. With more than 2 million downloads in a single season, she has created a community of support for women wanting to understand their finances. Victoria will discuss how she came about such overnight success and what factors came into play to make her content so appealing to her target demographic.


TonyEades, Salted Stone, Chief Strategy Officer
AutomateYour Sales Process with the Power of CRM
1:30PM- 2:30PM GMT + 10


Chief Strategy Officer and powerhouse of Salted Stone, Tony Eades, details how today’s most disruptive companies are winning on customer experience with CRM at the centre of it all.

Listen in on how a sales enablement strategy will empower high-performing sales teams to level up! He’ll reveal a new sales playbook to win business that features real-life examples of transformation for organisations of all sizes and help you to better understand the touch points of converting prospects to customers.


FlareHR, Janine Fry, Flare, Head of Customer Experience
Customer Service as a Growth Engine: Turning Your Customers Into Your Best Marketing Channel
2:00PM- 2:30PM GMT + 10


Janine Fry, Eva Ross, Varun Bhandarker and Kerry Osborn join together as panelists to discuss how adopting a different approach to customer service could transform your organisation’s growth trajectory. Hear from all different perspectives on how strategically harnessing customer service as a growth engine can positively impact your organisation and turn your customers into a revenue-generating channel.


Tobi Pearce. Sweat, Co-Founder & CEO
UnconventionalBusiness Live
4:00PM- 4:30PM GMT + 10


Tobi Pearce started their business journey with a simple eBook featuring a series of workouts to help people get fit in their own time. Fast forward to 2021, and the business has evolved into Apple’s most downloaded health app, Sweat. How did Sweat become so successful you ask? Well, listen in and find out how Sweat engaged with their customers and the role social media played in developing their customer loyalty.


And there we have it! Our top 10 speakers we are looking forward to at GROW with HubSpot’s virtual event. If you would like to find out more click here to check out all the details and see HubSpot’s list of experts.


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