Techweek21: The events we can’t wait to dig our fingers into

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Aug 31, 2021 12:00:00 AM
Tech Week is back and as hard hitting as ever. Join us and find out how businesses adapted and levelled up using technology over the passed year. Learn from expert panels discussing AI usage and the explosion of social media content created from the safe bubble of our living rooms. Here at Inbound we are champing at the bit to get involved, we’ve got a list of some of the top events we are looking forward to. We can’t wait to see you there!

How Machine Learning is helping customers during Covid-19 

FREE – Auckland  

Learn about the challenges of local businesses during Covid-19 and how ANZ helped to support their customers through-out the difficult process. Find out how they used machine learning and got the most out of the technology and available data.  


MUV Talks + Women in Tech: Overcoming 

FREE – Auckland  

Come join an energetic and friendly environment in the GridAKL. Learn from seven incredible women in tech and their journeys to overcoming adversity and making the most out of unexpected challenges. You will have the chance to network with some really amazing industry leaders, all over a slice of pizza!  


Hyper Focus – How to stay focused in an age of distraction! 

FREE – Auckland 

Often catch yourself zoning out in meetings, imagining what island holiday you’ll be going on next? This free event is perfect for those of you looking to increase your attention spans! Hear about the latest concepts in staying hyper-focused at work and avoiding pesky digital distractions.  


The story of stories, Lockdown and Social Media 

FREE – Virtual 

Lockdown produced a vast array of homemade content, curated in our living rooms. But how did that content shape and frame global events? Learn about how the platforms, algorithms and humans were affected by Covid19 and how our living room social content affected an election year in Aotearoa and USA.  


Transforming and growing Pacific economies through tech  

FREE – Auckland 

Technology is a key part in ensuring our communities thrive and prosper. Find out how our Pacific neighbours are using technology to rebuild their economy damaged by COVID19. Discover how Tower is enabling these communities to remain in touch with the world through a pandemic, and all of this over provided breakfast!  


A Conversation With Thought Leaders in Tech about new ways of working 

PAID – Auckland 

Are you frustrated with the lack of technological direction in your workplace? Maybe you’re struggling to find that common ground with industry veterans who don’t want to see technology as a useful tool. If you feel like your workplace is virtually lagging behind then this will be the event for you. A panel of futuroid humans will discuss new ways of embracing your work with advancements in technology. Topics such as collaboration, culture building, innovation and decision making and where the world is progressing after COVID19 through normal workplaces into the air.  


Indie Game Showcase 

FREE – Auckland 

Let your inner nerd free, have a little fun and enjoy exploring up-and-coming game developers showcasing their games. This free event is perfect for those looking for a light hearted tech week event that may just help you find your new gaming addiction. You can even have a chance at developing your own mini-game! The event is kid friendly and kid encouraged! Get them involved in the digital tech available and open their minds to opportunities in game development.  


Digital Marketing: The secret ingredient for growing awesome ideas 

FREE – Wellington 

This is a great event for anyone who needs a crash course in digital marketing. Let your inner creative lose and brainstorm some funky ideas to elevate your businesses digital marketing. Learn from the pros and utilise their insights to make your marketing more cost and time effective. Make sure you arrive prepared with business challenges you’d like addressed by this panel of experts! 


Enabling business growth by weaving tech into our working day 

FREE – Virtual 

Modern life demands modern workplaces. This panel will share how they weave technology into their working day to enhance their working life. They will discuss how workplaces can be engaged and empowered by the correct digital tools and skills, overall increasing productivity and business growth. This free and virtual event would be a mistake to miss!  


The AI debate: AI delivers better customer experience than humans 

PAID – Auckland 

If your idea of a good afternoon is a heavy debate then I wouldn’t want to miss this tech week event! NZME is bringing you some of New Zealand’s most experienced thought leaders to share their experiences with AI. Hang on tight and watch two teams fight it out in this thrilling debate, can AI deliver better customer experience than a human?!  


Tech Week 2021 has something for everyone and with a line up this good you’d be silly to miss it! Find your local events and head on down to participate in the festivities, you might just find your new hobby or up skill your knowledge.

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