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Steven Male 02/09/2015

Googles New Logo: What Does It Mean?!

For those of you who have the keen eye for detail, you might have noticed a little something different today...

Steven Male 18/08/2015

Why We're Turning Our Small Business Back Into a Startup

After a year and a half of being a small business owner, I hit rock bottom. The journey I spent my life preparing for took a turn for the worst and left me desperately scrambling to keep the business, and myself, from going under.

Steven Male 21/05/2015

How to Win Customers and Influence Referrals

This is the story of how I managed to increase the open and engagement rate of my Mailchimp list by 227%, leading to two customers, five referrals and a ton of actionable advice so I could provide even more value, all within 48 hours.

By the end...

Steven Male 05/05/2015

New Zealands First Business Of The Week

How Coffee And A Midnight Chat With A Stranger Helped Me Find New Zealand's First Business Of The Week

Steven Male 20/04/2015

The Power of Local SEO for your Small Business

We just made our first infographic! It shares the power of local SEO for small businesses and start ups and how you can quickly get on the front page with both limited time and resources.

Steven Male 23/03/2015

Case Study: How To Launch An App In A Month

It was just over a month ago we decided to do our first Build A Business, where we brought a company into the BigBangly family and gave it everything we got with the end goal of helping it become that much more successful.

The team at GlassJar...

Steven Male 11/03/2015

Dominate Your Competition Online With SEO

Many small business owners don’t understand why their website doesn’t show up at the top of the Google search results.

Steven Male 11/02/2015
Steven Male 05/10/2014

Optimising Your Website

We mentioned before that search engines don’t see content on web pages the same way we do. They are limited in the way they crawl and index the content that you publish. So, if you want to get listed in their results, you must make sure that the...

Steven Male 31/07/2014

How To Create A Facebook Page in 5 Simple Steps


Setting up a Facebook page has gone from a should to a must. It's now an essential tool for every business, no matter how small. The thing is, Facebook is ever-changing - but that's okay. This post will teach you how to set up everything and go...