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SEO Outsourcing: Reasons why you shouldn't

Written by Steven Male | Oct 26, 2015 11:34:29 PM

Here is another doom and gloom post following in the footsteps of the warning against cheap SEO.

As you can see from the title, we're here to talk about the problems with Search Engine Optimisation outsourcing and why you really shouldn't do it.


Context is Everything

So once again, I am starting with a section giving a little context as to what exactly I mean by SEO outsourcing.

If you've been through the rest of the website, blog etc. you'll see we offer SEO services. The next question is wait, why isn't what you do SEO outsourcing?

Well, here is why I have to explain what I mean by SEO outsourcing. SEO outsourcing in this context is mainly talking about sending your SEO work to be done overseas/other places far, far away.

The main reason a company will do this for SEO is the same as any other reason for outsourcing, to cut costs. In some cases it makes sense. For SEO, it does not.



The biggest and foremost problem with outsourcing SEO is communication issues.

Within this blog, I always mention that SEO is something that should be tailored to suit the website. Outsourcing SEO generally means that you are giving the whole thing to someone else to do. You might give them instructions as to how you want it. Then, you leave them to it.

Can you see the problems that come up wih this approach? In the worst scenario, nothing you want done actually gets done. So, they have to start over again. Since SEO is something that is developed over time, this can be very disastrous in terms of delaying your rankings.

The other problem that arises in terms of communication is that it is a two way process. You need to tell them what you want, but they also have to tell you what works and what doesn't for you.

We often stress the importance of local SEO for small businesses and how effective it is. Outsourced SEO can be ineffective for local because the company may not know/understand the best way to implement SEO techniques and website optimisation for you region.

This is a multifaceted problem. It could be due to things such as language, the style of language, colloquialisms, and all the other small things such as this. Sometimes, at its worst, it could just be bad English/language of your choice. You cannot implement effective local SEO without having at least some knowledge of what your audience is looking for.

A key example would be comparing the audience of a local hairdressers to a steel manufacturer. The language and technicality of the language use would be vastly different and the approach one uses would not work for the other.

At this point you should be able to see the inefficiencies that can arise with SEO outsourcing. Once problems start, they usually only compound.

In the best case scenario, everything does work out. However, the ifs involved with this scenario are too critical and numerous to bet on.


Same tactics, same results

In the previous article/blog post, we talked about the problems that come with cheap SEO. Outsourcing comes with the same problems since fundamentally, the reasons behind existence of both is the same; saving money.

The old adage you get what you pay for comes to mind here. It is very rare that you will find good value when you are putting very little investment into it.

A lot of these outsource SEO companies rely on the same methods and tactics as cheap SEO companies. In the short term, it is easy to produce quick gains, but in the long term, these methods will either not be as effective or they will actually hurt your SEO ranking in the long run.

So, in the end, what you get is the same problems as before but with the added communication issues on top.


The future is bright

After all this doom and gloom, I want to end things on a positive note.

All these problems can be avoided if you well... avoid what I talked about in the last two blog posts.

Same advice as last time. Take your time and find the SEO company which is willing to take the time to work with you. Also, don't skimp with investment on your own end.

Ultimately, good SEO can do wonders for your online business and you should approach it with this mindset. You can't get the most out of something when all you're looking at is how you can fail.