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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Hubspot Lead Tracking

Written by Steven Male | Jul 4, 2017 5:53:16 AM



While the lead tracking tools available to you from HubSpot are considered to be amongst the best in the business these tools aren’t without their shortcomings as you will need to know exactly how to best navigate these issues if you’re going to unleash all the leverage that HubSpot lead tracking technology has to offer.


You’ll want to be sure that you’re making the most of all the leads you have pouring into your business, as they are the lifeblood of the business itself. Without good leads, nothing gets sold – and its impossible to do anything in business without sales coming in.


Avoiding the kinds of problems present in the lead gen process with the help of HubSpot lead tracking tools will go a long way towards improving your marketing effectiveness and your efficiency. With the right lead tracking tools, you can stop missing out on conversions because of inefficiency in the lead process – and by patching any other holes in the lead gen process, too.


Let’s confront some of the big problems in the lead generation process so that you are better prepared moving forward.


Leads that aren’t a good fit


No amount of powerful and feature loaded HubSpot lead tracking tools are ever going to be able to help you overcome issues stemming from poor leads.


Poor leads occur in business all the time, and are so prevalent that most companies automatically assume that anywhere between 20% and 30% of the leads they have captured just aren’t going to pass muster no matter what.


The leads may be “cold” and refuse to warm up regardless of your approach or your tactics, the leads may be weak and insincere in their interest, or the leads could simply be “ghosts” – leads entering your marketing funnel to take whatever “bait” you offered without any interest in providing you with legit contact details or in following up.


Leads that aren’t a good fit can be weeded out effectively with HubSpot lead tracking tools, just by measuring the engagement and the bounce rate you’re seeing from your efforts. Weed them out ASAP.


Leads that are unresponsive


From time to time, you’re also going to get leads that aren’t ghosting you on purpose or avoiding your messaging and your marketing, but are instead simply as of yet unresponsive to the messaging you’re putting out there.


With HubSpot lead tracking, you’re able to really pay attention to the way these leads came into your funnel, why they popped up on your radar in the first place, and what their last moment of engagement was.


From there, you can extrapolate a lot of information and data, but most importantly you’ll be able to tailor new messages designed to replicate the lead gen magnet used to bring them into the fold in the first place. With this approach, your odds of success shoot through the roof dramatically.


Leads that haven’t or cannot be nurtured


Some leads are just going to be flat out resistant to your marketing and your messaging, no matter what you try.


Different baits, different bribes, different marketing funnels – you can throw almost anything at these kinds of leads and you’ll barley move the needle. By using HubSpot lead tracking, you’ll be able to effortlessly spot these leads in your funnels, notice their unresponsiveness, and get out in front of it as quickly as possible.


You can cut these leads from your funnels ASAP, but you can also redirect these assets to other segments of your business – or even sell these leads to your competitors. There are plenty of ways to use unresponsive leads, so make sure you don’t waste the valuable information provided to you from HubSpot lead tracking!


Leads that aren’t leads at all


The most important thing you can do as a smart and savvy marketer is to qualify the leads that you have been provided so that you know EXACTLY the kind of lead that you’re doing business with.


You want leads that have a high potential for conversion, you want leads that are excited about becoming customers, and you want leads that have the potential to become valuable lifelong customers. These kinds of leads are going to have the most impact in your business – they are going to contribute the most to your bottom line.


By getting out in front of these kinds of leads and really nurturing them the best way you can, pushing them in to the right marketing funnels to boost the LTV of the leads, you can improve your conversion rates and your odds of building real relationships with these kinds of customers as well.


With the help of HubSpot lead tracking, you’ll be able to better recognize the potential of these leads from a mile off. There’s real power in these kinds of tools, and HubSpot lead tracker gives you the chance to future proof your business to the best of your abilities.



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