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How to Rank Higher on Google: Step 1, Get a Google Page!

Written by Ben Male | Dec 23, 2016 1:36:54 AM


This Christmas I've created a simple 4-step cheat sheet you can use right now to ensure you've taken the fundamental steps needed to establish your online presence and rank higher on Google. 

I made this after figuring out that most small business owners in Auckland (and New Zealand) have a gap somewhere within this list. 

In this post I'll cover Step 1: The Google Page.  Over the next couple of weeks the additional Steps in the series will be released. 

In a few weeks time, we'll have the whole piece ready as a downloadable takeaway for you to keep and share with others!

The Google Page

Your Google Page will appear to the right of the Search Page Results if you search for your business name.

If you haven’t yet setup your Google Page, here’s the link. Get it set up soon, as it takes a couple weeks for a postcard to be sent to you so you can verify your location. 

A Google Page is beneficial for a bunch of reasons:

  • It’s Google’s version of a business listing. It sets you up so Google knows you exist where you say you do.
  • It provides people with a snapshot of your business: your location, reviews, phone number, opening hours, etc.
  • It places you on a map, directly compared to your competitors.

If you’re appearing above your competitors on the map, or if you have more Google Reviews, then you’re much more likely to be clicked on. Social Proof is one the most important factors when making a purchasing decision, and if you clearly have the most people raving about you, you’ll be the one picking up even more!

Check out what I mean below. 

Nz Muscle was a behemoth of social proof when Sportfuel Supplements came on board as a client. They were boasting around 100 reviews, and Sportsfuel had barely any.

After this quick tweak of askaing Sportsfuel Supplements to simply ask for reviews, look at what happened! They're now at 274 reviews. That is incredible social proof. 

I'm even a review if you didn't notice. They're an awesome company with epic delivery times! 


PRO TIP: Do It Yourself!

To generate Google Reviews, simply click on the “Write a review” button, copy the current URL, then send that as a hyperlink to your customers. Make sure you test the link before you send it off.

Once you hit around 7 reviews, the shiny golden stars begin to appear!


First and foremost, a Google Page is an essential part of any digital strategy. It's the buy-in to Google, showing them you understand the rules of the game and you'd like to rank nice and high on their lists.

Surprinsgly, there's a huge lapse in Auckland within most industries: most businesses don't have their Google page and 7+ reviews up! 

Take advantage of this while you can, right now. Grab a Google Page, and start sending review requests direct to your customers in a personal email.

Merry Christmas!