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How To Create A Facebook Page in 5 Simple Steps

Written by Steven Male | Jul 31, 2014 1:09:28 AM


Setting up a Facebook page has gone from a should to a must. It's now an essential tool for every business, no matter how small. The thing is, Facebook is ever-changing - but that's okay. This post will teach you how to set up everything and go from zero to hero in 5 minutes!

Step 1) Create the Page

First, you'll want to head over to where you'll see the below categories.

Over the years Facebook has customized each category to make it more appropriate for its users. For example, if you choose that you are a local business, opening hours will be displayed on your business page. So spend a few moments thinking where exactly you should place yourself.

After you select one of the six, you'll then fill out your business name. Choose your name wisely - for best practices, don't include your slogan after your name. Just make it simple and easy.


Step 2) Basic Information

Now you will be taken to a new page where you will fill out more information about yourself. Note that you can easily go back and change everything on these settings except the unique Facebook web address. You can only change this once so I'd recommend that you take a moment and make sure you choose something that will stand the test of time. Usually just your business name will be the best option. If that is taken, try adding a company related word before or after.

Yes my page is aptly named the "Best Page In The World."

For the size of the profile picture, although you can upload a file of any size, the recommended size is 180px x 180px which Facebook will automatically resize down to 160px x 160px.


Step 3) Success!

Welcome to your page! This is the gooey underbelly of your social media efforts.

Up the top you can choose between the options;

  • Page - This is the view you can see above. This allows you to see what your fans see. From here you can easily change the profile picture as well as the cover photo.
  • Activity - This is formatted the same was as your personal notifications. It shows a live feed of who likes your page, who is sharing, commenting and more.
  • Insights - The holy grail of information. From post reach to engagement you can track exactly how you posts are going. From here you can clearly see what posts are working, what aren't and continue to optimise your page!
  • Settings - Here you will be able to change everything about your page. Have a flick through here in your spare time so see exactly how much information you can add to your business page.


Step 4) Content Deliver

So now you have set up all the basic information about your Facebook page it's time to upload a cover photo. Below shows the exact dimensions of the cover photo - 851px x 315px.

And below shows you the position of the display picture in regards to the cover photo.

Our golden rule for a cover photo is something bright and attractive. Remember Facebook's page for business up the top? Notice how you feel about the page straight away.

You will want to avoid blurry and dark pictures that will make the user feel negative towards your page.


Step 5) Share!

Now that you have set up your Facebook page, share it around with your friends. You can even personally go through your friends list and invite them to like your page.

I will shortly be releasing another post about Facebook's best practices to increase your engagement and another post about advertising through Facebook.

You are well on your way to become an Inbound Marketing expert.

To your success!