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Googles New Logo: What Does It Mean?!

Written by Steven Male | Sep 1, 2015 11:22:20 PM

For those of you who have the keen eye for detail, you might have noticed a little something different today...

The sky is falling! Google has gone mad! 

Okay, it's actually not that much of a change at all, Google has changed their logo!

With the recent announcement of Alphabet, Google now is becoming a stand-alone company and we're assuming that because of this they wanted a little bit of a revamp. 

And by little, we mean little.

Check out the video below by Google to see the changes over the years.

<br />

You can see the latest version of the logo below. Heading towards more of a clean feel, they've slightly tilted the 'E' at the end up. I can't image how much this would have cost them and the design team.

  Google's New Logo 2015

And their new Favicon you might be able to spot on the top of your browser.

And as you might expect... the world of Twitter has gone a little crazy.

And I know you're all wondering the big questions otherwise you wouldn't be still reading this blog post...

Will this affect Search Engine Optimisation?! No.