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Say No To Cheap SEO

Written by Steven Male | May 18, 2016 5:42:00 PM

Looking through some recent search engine results, we saw there are a decent amount of people out there looking for cheap SEO or some variation of it thereof.

My first response to finding this out was mild horror. Well, that's the G-rated way to describe it.

If you look through any of my previous blog posts (granted there aren't that many yet), you'll see I put a lot of emphasis on doing things the right way, especially the right way for you. (You'll see why the cover image is relevant later.)

So, here we are going to explain why cheap SEO is bad.


A Bit of Context

Well, I lied. We're not going into why cheap SEO is bad yet.

To understand why we think cheap SEO is bad, we first have to understand what we mean by cheap SEO.

On our website and blog posts, we're always pointing to ways that you can do SEO on a low budget or even for free. Doesn't this send a conflicting message? Why are you harping about cheap SEO? You just want our monies.

This is the key. What we are endeavouring to show you is the ways you can do SEO yourself and the most simplest ways you can help yourself. These are free because you are putting in all the work. As we often mention, we believe in providing value.

When we talk about cheap SEO, we're talking about where people are offering to do work for under the value the work should be valued at. It's not about being cheaper; it's where the price in all honesty is just unreasonable.

If the value is not there, people will not put in the work.

Now we're going into why cheap SEO is bad.


Generic, Oh So Generic

One of the biggest problems with cheap SEO is that it isn't necessarily matched to you as a customer. The problem with this approach is that it might not necessarily be what is best for you.

You can see right away that this might be an inefficient solution. Cheap SEO can only be achievable if you make the whole process into a checklist of we do this, this, this and this. Nothing else. There's no room for it.

Since, this is a one size fits all approach, you may not be using the best way for your business. SEO requires input from both parties and communication on what works out best is the key.

The other problem this creates is the things they do implement can't take that much time, or are the things that are spammy. These often do not create the desired results you wished for. Instead, you are left with a mess that will take more time and resources to sort out.


Well that worked... for now

Here's the thing. Cheap SEO can work. The problem is, will it continue working? Assuming you are looking for cheap SEO, this service is probably not sustained. So, yay, you have a temporary boost in search engine rankings. What happens once that stops though?

Often these short term solutions are often harmful in the long run. As we mentioned before, a lot of cheap SEO will just focus on a few easy to do things that will boost rankings quickly and are spammy.

The problem this creates is these techniques don't work very well in the long term and often cause search engines to look at you negatively. On top of that, as soon as these stop, the effects instantly cease. So in other words, these techniques are not sustainable.

For continued good SEO ranking, we often mention you need good content creation and all that jazz. All of this is a gradual, long-term process, and ultimately it will end up working better, a lot better (also probably more cost effective).


Wow, my competitors are good

This is a novel thought; why are my competitors destroying me online? Why does my SEO suck? What am I paying these guys for? SEO companies are so scammy! Outrage! They don't do anything and take this money from me! It's not my fault!

Welcome to bad and cheap SEO.

One co-worker describes working with clients in SEO as very similar to dating/relationships. Many of them come to us and share horror stories of their experiences with SEO and SEO companies. They're afraid of getting back into the waters. They're not sure they can trust again. They look at other people (in this case businesses I guess. I like this analogy, let me roll with it) and wonder why they have it so good, and everything seems so perfect.

Wonder why this happens? Maybe, it's because neither side is putting in the time and investment into this relationship that is needed. Maybe, those other people are, and that's why they're succeeding and building something better.

This is exactly how SEO works. Both parties need to put in the time and investment to make it the best it can be. If your competitors are doing better, logically, isn't because they're investing more time and resources than you are? Makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

If you want to remain competitive and you want that top spot, you cannot rely on cheap SEO tactics. You need to find that SEO company who will sit down and talk with you, find out what you need, what you want, and ultimately treat you right.

That is the best way to build your internet business. If your SEO company doesn't have time for you, you don't have time for them.


Is there anyone to help?

So after freaking you guys out, let's all calm down a bit.

Right now, I'm going to unashamedly plug ourselves. If you want some help getting started with SEO, I would recommend contacting us either by clicking this link or using the form at the bottom of the page.

If we don't suit your fancy, don't worry. I know that you will find the perfect SEO company out there.