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Everything you need to know about a website SEO company.

Written by Steven Male | Jul 6, 2017 5:00:00 AM

Choosing the right website SEO company can literally make or break your success as an entrepreneur these days.


Successful search engine optimization (SEO) is a tremendous competitive advantage in the middle of the most competitive business environment that’s ever existed. Smart and strategic SEO – planned out and executed by a top-notch SEO company – has the potential to help you make thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every month.


Poor search engine optimization as the ability to bankrupt your company faster than almost anything else.


If you’re going to be hiring a website SEO company to help you create an actionable, strategic, and most importantly effective search engine optimization strategy that doesn’t just work in the short term but also succeeds in the long term as well, you’ll want to know as much about choosing these companies as humanly possible.


Ask as many of these questions as you can below to find the best company to help you every step of the way, really digging deep into the selection process of a website SEO company so that you always partner with real deal professionals that can provide you with the results you are after.


Let’s dive right in!


How are you going to help us improve our search engine rankings?


It is absolutely impossible – IMPOSSIBLE – to see any significant results online today without an effective search engine optimization strategy, in the professionals that you choose to partner up with should be able to give you at least a broad strokes idea of how they are going to be able to help right off the bat or you’ll want to look elsewhere.


Randomly throwing out back links, targeting random keywords, and improving the fundamentals of on page search engine optimization just isn’t going to cut the mustard these days. A legitimate search engine optimization firm should be able to tell you (even if they leave out the specifics) how they are going to help you during your initial consultation.


How will you track your efforts and verify your progress?


Even though the science of search engine optimization is exactly that – a science – the truth of the matter is there’s a lot of nebulous activity that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to improving your search engine results.


Some of the less the legitimate search engine optimization companies out there are going to take advantage of the “man behind the curtain” mindset that a lot of people have about search engine optimization efforts, telling you that they are moving mountains to build you the kind of search engine results you’re after when they aren’t working all that hard – if at all!


You’ll always want to work with a website SEO company is going to send you regular reports to show you the progress during the campaigns that they are running, detailed reports that not only highlight the efforts that they are going but the results that they are producing as well.


A search engine optimization company that cannot prove that they are doing something in the first place, or that it is having a beneficial impact, is a company that you just can’t trust.


Can you show me the results you’ve created for clients in the past?


The beautiful thing about search engine optimization is that no matter what kind of proprietary efforts go on behind the scenes to climb higher in all of the major search engine networks, every website SEO company should be able to show you the EXACT results they’ve created for past clients – mostly because their entire job is to show up in the top few spots in Google (and other search engines) for a handful of specific keywords!


This kind of transparency is huge. It’s going to let you better understand what this company is capable of, whether or not they’ve actually been able to produce the kinds of results they are promising you in the past, it is going to help you better understand what you are getting into with a particular company versus any other.


Now, you may be doing business with a website SEO company that doesn’t have the kind of established track record as some of the more experienced teams out there might. They should still be able to show you what they’ve been able to achieve in the past.


You don’t want a first-time heart surgeon operating on the person that you love the most, and you don’t want to turn over the keys to your online marketing efforts and your financial future to someone that has only ever studied search engine optimization in theory!


At the end of the day, you’ll want to ask all of these questions of the website SEO companies you are thinking about working with. You really need to do your due diligence and make sure that you're only ever working with the best of the best. It’s too competitive out there not too!


Website SEO happens to be one chapter in the story of your digital marketing success - we work with the whole method at Inbound, and we implore you to check it out for yourself. It's free of course. Try the checklist.


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