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Why digital marketing agencies always one-up an in-house team

Written by Steven Male | Jul 6, 2017 2:00:00 AM


There comes a point in time when any startup business – in the startup field or any other market, for that matter – reaches a specific level of growth that requires it to bring in outside help to get to the next level or choose to stagnate and hold fast or even regress.


A lot of companies try to hit that “sweet spot” between hiring outside experts and building from within, essentially poaching other professionals from other operations and then turning them into their own in-house team of experts. And while that is certainly one way to go, the truth of the matter is hiring outside help from a legitimate digital marketing agency is almost always a much (MUCH) better path to take.


Let’s dive into the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency rather than relying on your in-house team.


Outsider perspectives can be game changers


The number one reason behind why so many extremely successful entrepreneurs hire the help of a digital marketing agency to help them grow after a certain point isn’t just because it’s advantageous to bring in professional assistance – but because it’s also advantageous to bring in outside professional assistance that isn’t ever too close to your day to day operation and “how business is always done”.


When you choose to work with outside professionals, they are going to come to your business with a fresh perspective and a fresh set of eyes to realize your business. There are going to be able to see inefficiencies that you and your in-house team never could simply because you’re too close to the day to day business, and they are going to be able to help you avoid costly mistakes that may be being made just because that’s the way that you and your marketers have always done things.


This outside perspective is tremendously refreshing and when it’s combined with legitimate expertise from real professionals you can trust, professionals that have shown that they know what they’re doing, it can be invaluable and a real competitive advantage.


You don’t have to worry about putting too much on key staff members


There is always going to be a tendency and a temptation to ask your in-house marketing team to pick up the slack in other areas just because they are in-house employees, which is inevitably going to do a handful of things.


For starters, it’s going to cause a lot of extra resentment with your in-house marketers, especially if they feel that they are doing double the workload than other members of the team. This is going to really divide your business and has the potential to completely scuttle an otherwise successful company culture.


Secondly, you’re going to divide the time and energy of people that have very specific and measurable goals that they should be reaching for – and you’re going to be forcing them to waste time on repetitive or unnecessary tasks that someone else could handle, killing your ROI and negatively impacting the success of your marketing campaigns at the exact same time.


Finally, when you put too much extra outside work on the shoulders of your marketers instead of letting them just focus on the marketing you’re going to end up with professionals that aren’t able to keep their pulse on the market, keep their pulse on new tactics and strategies, and keep themselves connected to other successful individuals and operations that could help you catapult to the next level.


They just won’t have time to maintain their status as legitimate marketing experts.


Outsiders free up time, can work when you don’t, and can shortcut your success


It’s really easy to hire a digital marketing agency – an outside agency – when you realize just how much of your time they are going to free up to be used in other high leverage areas, that these professionals can be higher from all over the world so that your marketing efforts literally never stop, and that you will be able to bring on as many outside marketing experts as you need to get the job done as quickly as humanly possible without wasting any resources along the way.


The advantages for hiring outside digital marketing agency help are obvious enough that most every successful and strategic entrepreneur chooses to leverage these kinds of agencies way more often than building their own in-house team of marketers.


You are going to want to go there lead for sure, hire the right professionals that can provide you with the results that you are after, and work with the kind of digital marketing agency that you know can provide you with the kind of steady, consistent, and reliable results you need in this ultra competitive business environment today.


Forget about building from within – the risks are just too great. Take advantage of outside help and crush your competition on your way to the top!

 Agencies can often help you understand where you stand in comparison to your competitors and a much more comprehensive way - on account of having an outside eye.

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