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New Zealands First Business Of The Week

Written by Steven Male | May 5, 2015 6:28:39 AM

How Coffee And A Midnight Chat With A Stranger Helped Me Find New Zealand's First Business Of The Week

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

It's really hard to stay consistently passionate about your business.

Or is it?

A quick chat to the founder behind Glory League at 1:30 AM really illustrated the difference between a business that is focused and driven by a passionate leader and a business driven by an owner who is more interested in making the quick buck.

And in today's post I'm going to tell you a story (and interview the man behind it!) of a great up-and-coming Kiwi business that wants to make the average Joe feel like an NBA superstar.



Fast forward to the BizDojo's office. It's Easter Friday and I'm sitting at my desk typing away. It dawns on me that it's going to be an all-nighter so I walk on over towards the coffee machine (free coffee?!) and began my midnight ritual.

Then something strange happened... It turns out I'm not alone. Louis (previously known to me as the other guy who works late and always wears a red shirt) enters the room after some pleasantries at 1:30 in the morning around the coffee machine the conversation quickly takes off.



An hour and a half later I'm sitting at my desk completely blown away. This dude is so passionate about what he does, it's contagious!

That moment spurred the thought for the BigBangly Business of the Week. We want to kick the week off with a bang and each week share a story of kiwi triumph.

To dribble it off (you'll find that funny when I mention his idea is about basketball...), introducing our first Business of the Week, Glory League!


The Interview That Kicked It All Off


I did a quick little interview with Louis so you get a better idea of the company.

 What is Glory League?

Glory League is a sports engagement tool that lets amateur basketball players relive their moments of glory and feel like total NBA All-Stars.

Why did you start Glory League?

I enjoyed playing basketball so much, but after the game there was nothing that carried through the awesomeness of the game into the rest of my life.

How long have you been doing it?

Just under 2 years

What are the biggest lessons you've learned throughout the process?

That dedication and hard work pays off. Working on something you are passionate about is essential to make the dedication and hard work happen easily :) Serving others (players, associations and governing bodies) is at the heart of everything I do at glory league. Thinking big, yields big results.

What's been the hardest moment and the best moment so far?

The hard moments are good too, its usually when its hard that you learn something... The good moments are working with amazing people, from our incredible software team, to passionate basketball providers.

What are the five things you think everyone starting a business needs to know?

Back yourself (put some $ in), hire the best software developer you can. Think big, get an early customer and get an incredible software development team. Do something that your passionate about. Find a problem you care about.

Think if I had to spend the rest of my life on something, would this be it?  If the answer is no, re-frame your dream...

What's next for Glory League?

On May the 6th we are launching a world first technology that is going to change the way that basketball providers can add value to their playing experience.



And a big launch it will be! I've taken a sneak peek backstage and this is one kick-ass idea. They've got one of the sexiest UXs I've ever seen, a great idea and a team that is crazy passionate about their idea.


The Top 5 Life Lessons That You Need To Post-It Note On Your Computer


During my chat with Louis we talked about a lot but a few things stood out more than anything else;

  1. Genuinely try help other people.
  2. Really find the why behind what you're doing before you start doing what you do.
  3. Focus on adding value, not making money.
  4. Fail and fail again, it's the fastest way to learn. In saying that, don't be plain stupid.
  5. Success takes time. What you don't hear about every success story is the hard work the founders put behind everything they did. Michael Jordan wasn't born shooting 3-pointers and Michael Jackson wasn't born doing the moonwalk. Practice, attempt, fail, learn, succeed.

So in summary stay hungry, do what you're passionate about and provide so much value to other people that they can't help but falling in love with your business and your vision.