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Liam Bates

Liam Bates
Excessively tall, incredibly passionate. Liam believes that everyone has a story and thousands want to hear it. Specialising in Social Media and Blogging, Liam's your go to guy
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Recent Posts

Liam Bates 14/08/2017

How to Perform Expert Ecommerce Marketing Within New Zealand


If you sell goods and services to New Zealand customers, you should know that learning the ins and outs of ecommerce marketing will help you to enjoy higher visitor numbers at your website, as well as more vital conversions. e-commerce in New...

Liam Bates 07/08/2017

How to Find a Great Digital Agency in New Zealand

If you want to find an excellent digital agency in New Zealand, you'll appreciate this quick guide. Today, we're here to share some important information about what to look for while you're shopping around for the ideal digital agency. Once you...

Liam Bates 01/08/2017

What On Earth is Digital Marketing?

Not so long ago, businesses relied on the word of mouth, fliers, and track records to drive sales. Then the internet revolution began, and now few businesses do not have an online presence. With the online shift, the need for digital-based forms...

Liam Bates 31/07/2017

4 key email marketing tips you have to consider!


New Zealand email marketing ideas are out there. If you want to find some new ones which have the power to pump new life into your online business, then you've come to the right place. Today, we're going to share tips which will help you to...

Liam Bates 14/07/2017