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Brigitte Hicks

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Ethics beyond the limits - The All Good Organics Story

Posted by Brigitte Hicks on Nov 28, 2017 5:20:15 PM

 Not often do you come across a company where the underlying business practice is to simply be good. Most people can overlook the term, placing the adjective or noun on companies who don’t encompass what it truly means. Throughout the entire company that is. 

The lack of transparency in supply chains is what fuels ignorance in society. People don't try to question if their product’s journey to their shopping bag was by any means ethical. How can you blame them when a) they are not aware of the production methods, and b) everyone is just trying to be economical in day to day purchase decisions.

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The energy company helping you to save money: The Flick Electric Co Story

Posted by Brigitte Hicks on Nov 28, 2017 5:16:56 PM

 The month of May was beginning, and with it the NZ Comedy Festival! Finally some world class, live entertainment every night of the week to choose from. What caught my eye initially wasn't the lineup of New Zealand’s greatest comedians, but the sponsor… Flick Electric. Who and what was that? An electricity company? The major sponsor of a comedy festival? Now that's a bit different.

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