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AMI Insurance On Reddit

Written by Steven Male | Jun 30, 2016 9:36:00 PM

AMI Insurance is one of New Zealand's leading insurance agencies but as an insurance company there is a lot of negative stigma. When choosing my personal insurance I stumbled on this post about AMI Insurance on Reddit discussing the pros and cons. 

The post mostly talks about the claims process, not just the cost, and while there were some bad comments (I think there always will be) there were a few that really stood out.

"They paid out for my car in 6 days." 

"House fire about four years ago - about 100k damage. AMI were great from the night if the fire onwards. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

A coupe of dings in car and they have been great as well. I can't speak for other firms but at a very stressful time in our lives we got premium service."

Other's are loving State Insurance who look to be under the same branch at IAG - "I've been with State for 15 years, 4 or 5 vehicle and contents claims, no issues at all."

So it's good to see that the industry as a whole is running fairly. 

As for my decision - it's definitely between State (who I've got my car insured with) and AMI.

AMI Insurance

Facts: AMI Insurance has been around since 1926, starting as a company called South Island Motor Union (SIMU). As nearly as old as my great grandma, that's pretty impressive stuff!