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4 key email marketing tips you have to consider!

Written by Liam Bates | Jul 31, 2017 12:23:04 AM


New Zealand email marketing ideas are out there. If you want to find some new ones which have the power to pump new life into your online business, then you've come to the right place. Today, we're going to share tips which will help you to engage with your target audience more effectively. Email marketing has come a long way and the newest techniques and tools will give you the power to gain more traction and vital market share in your niche.


Consider Adopting Email Segmentation


Email segmentation is the process of creating categories of emails for different groups of customers. With segmentation, you'll need to create more emails. However, each email will be customized in order to resonate with a particular group of customers, whether they are brand-new sales leads, VIP clients or regular clients who've stopped using your services or buying your goods, for whatever reason.


When you embrace segmentation, you'll find that the extra work pays off. In fact, segmentation is probably the most effective New Zealand email marketing idea that we can share with you today. We know from our research that companies all over the world have greatly boosted their profits just by adding email marketing segmentation to their Web marketing plans.


There are plenty of resources about email segmentation online. We encourage you to check them out. However, its not hard to understand. It's all about creating categories of clients, based on their track record with your company, and then creating emails for each group.


When people receive emails which are more personalized, they'll be far more likely to visit your website and buy what you sell. It really works.


Consider Email Marketing Software


To get the most from segmentation, with the least possible time investment and effort, we think that you should consider buying email marketing software which is designed for New Zealand users. There are great programs out there and many of them work in all countries, including gorgeous New Zealand! Look for the world's biggest email marketing software programs, such as Constant Contact and MailChimp, or hunt around and see what else is on offer!


These programs allow users to automate so many different aspects of email marketing campaigns.


Even if you don't want to try segmentation, you'll find that using this type of program helps you to save time and money. You'll love being able to take care of every aspect of email marketing from inside of the program, including sending out emails. Most of these programs will also allow you to track the success of your campaigns.


Are Email Templates Right for You?


There are so many great marketing ideas for New Zealand online entrepreneurs! Another one of them is investing in email templates. There may actually be free email templates out there which you may tweak in order to suit your own needs.


As you may already know, templates are prefab emails which only need to have specific details added. You'll customize them with particular facts and information and then send them out to clients. They save entrepreneurs time because entrepreneurs don't need to come up with the bodies of the email themselves or design the emails so they they are attractive to clients.


Digital agencies in New Zealand which have experience and strong reputations will be able to offer you custom or stock templates for emails. Some of them may be very affordable. If you feel that you don't need a big software program for your email marketing, choosing one or a few email templates may be the answer. You'll get some help without needing to buy a software program.


Bear in mind that most email marketing software programs are available for fairly long free trial periods. If you're on the fence about investing in these programs, trying them out will give you access to email templates. Using free demos of these software programs will make it easier for you to decide if they add value to your email marketing.


Once a free trial of a software program is complete, you may buy the program or not buy it. You'll be able to test out all of its features without any commitment. Just read the fine print before you sign on for a free trial. Make sure that there are no strings attached or that you are comfortable with the terms and conditions found in the free trial contract.


Choose Provider Companies Carefully


When it's time to hire a digital agency, make sure that it's based in New Zealand, as this type of company will understand federal laws which govern how e-commerce must be conducted in the country. Also, ensure that you're hiring a top-rated company with an affordable quote (or affordable price lists at its website).


Lastly, make sure that the company offers you great communication, there’s no fun in struggling to be on the same page!


If you think you’d like to see your marketing go to the next level then maybe it’s time you got in touch, like this list, we know a thing or two about killing it in the digital scene!