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Results And Case Studies Of Our Current Clients

Stories and results from our recent campaigns for a few of our clients. We put our all into everything we do, and we think this is evident in the results we provide our clients.


About Authentically 

Authentically is an Instagram platform that helps companies and influencers organically grow their audiences and engagements. 

Our clients at Authentically wanted to dramatically upscale their operation while still ensuring their customers that account security and authenticity was their number one focus.

iMac Authentically Website

The Problem

Authentically was a fresh-faced brand new business with a relatively new offering. They had two main problems;  

  1. They were unknown. As Instagram growth platforms are recent in design, there has been a huge influx of competitors all trying to establish themselves in the market first. 
  2. Trust. In an industry full of businesses simply selling easy fixes, fake followers, and spam bots, Instagram growth platforms had earned themselves a lot of negative connotations and negative google reviews. 

The Goal

  • To make sure that Authentically was incredibly visible on every social space; Google, Instagram, facebook etc. 

  • To ensure that once potential customers were aware of Authentically's service, they knew Authentically had a clear point of differentiation from any other Instagram growth platform. 

  • This point of differentiation was an emphasis on relationship and trust building. Our goal was to ensure Authentically's customer's knew they were a genuine, trustworthy service who placed a huge focus on their client account security and operational transparency. 

The Challenge

  • Authentically was a brand new company with no brand recognition. 
  • Authentically's website was recieving on average, 1 visit a day.
  • Authentically didn't have a single subscriber.
  • Authentically was making no profit. 

The Result

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 2.15.15 PM

  • After 28 days with us, they were seeing an average of 800 website visits a day. That's 22,000 website visits a month.
  • After 28 days with us, they had 628 subscribers paying monthly memberships for their service. 
  • If those 628 subscribers, re-subscribe for 12 months, that equates to $277,400 of profit, just from the first month of subscribers.

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